College republicans start new organization

The College Republicans are back, and ready to educate voters on the political issues of the day. The club was originally started three years ago, but couldn’t find its momentum.

Recently the organization was brought back to campus and students are excited to see its return.

“When I heard they were bringing it back I thought, I want to get it done, I want to make it happen. I went to Sheryl Garza, our supervisor, and asked what I can do to help,” said senior economics major and organization president Collin Cavendish.

The politically focused club hopes to help young voters on campus find their political identity so they know exactly why they vote for a cetain party or candidate, and know exactly what policies are most important to them.

“For a lot of people on campus this will be the first election they will be voting in,” Cavendish said. “To think your vote doesn’t matter or won’t count for anything is scary. I want to raise awareness that the policies will effect you and it does matter. It is important to get to the polls and vote.”

At the interest meeting on Nov. 19, the officers introduced the plan for the organization’s future. Many ideas are still in discussion, and the officers are allowing members to partake in the discussions by expressing their opinions as well.

During the meeting, the organization’s officers brought in three guest speakers to talk to the students.

Michael Ball, senior director of UMHB, was the first guest speaker to talk to the group. He talked about the upcoming election and the campaigns he had been a part of in the past.

“Your ability to influence is greater now than ever,” Ball said.

He explained that our votes do directly affect us even though we might not see the effect.

The next guest speaker was Henry Garza, the current Bell County District Attorney. Garza talked about his previous experiences with Republican campaigns and creating your political identity is more important than ever. He explained to the viewers that politics are not bad, but they can be difficult.

Michael James, who is a chairman of the Young Republicans in Bell County also spoke during the meeting. James talked about how UMHB represents a unique demographic

“What I mean by that is, You are the majority,” James said.

Freshman nursing major, Mackenzie Henderson, attended to gain a better understanding of how she can be a part of the political process.

“I wanted to come so I can be informed further about political issues and develop friendships with other Republicans.”

Freshman political science major, Tyler Baker, also attended the interest meeting and found it informative.

“The speakers and their message really spoke out to us about how this really is a community effort and we all need to do our part for the larger cause.”
He said he expects to gain more knowledge as he attends more meetings with the organization and looks forward to future events.

Author: Madeline Oden

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