Homecoming week full of Cru traditions

ssert party, lemur kissing and a Crusader win. The 2015 University of Mary Hardin-Baylor homecoming week that took place Sunday. Nov. 8 through Saturday, Nov. 14, had a little something for everyone to enjoy.

“Homecoming’s been fun. I was on the action committee which was interesting to be a part of. It was fun to help out with everything they needed. Set up, tear down; I was just there,” freshman nursing major Sammy Pilkington said.

Throughout the week, the student organizations team gave away tanks and gift cards at various locations on campus. Some students even had to sing or answer questions to receive their prize.

Students also participated in a weeklong event called The Hunt. Participants were asked to take pictures at various locations on and off campus to compete for the golden ticket.

Winners of the golden ticket sat in a special balcony in Bawcom Student Union for the Cru’s game against East Texas Baptist University on Saturday. Shelby Halloran and Ryan Tyler-Coronado won the special prize.

Another event, Clash of Classes, took place at the Recreation Courts on Tuesday at 9 p.m., where members from each class went head-to-head in a dodge ball competition. The sophomores took the victory.

Students also took advantage of Relax and Unwind that took place on Thursday at 9 p.m.

The university brought in food trucks for the first time, and Cue the Sun Band and Adam Fischer + Hunter Rea Band performed. Hot chocolate and s’mores were also available during the event.

While students enjoyed refreshments, UMHB ATPE had university chaplain Dr. Loutherback kiss a lemur for Project Apple Tree. During the week, students voted with $1 tickets to choose which staff member would kiss the creature.

Students could choose from Vice-President of Student Life, Dr. Byron Weathersbee, BSM Director, Dr. Shawn Shannon, or Director of Spititual Life, Dr. George Loutherback. Project Apple Tree raises money to buy school supplies for children in the Belton area.

The lucky winner, was forced to put barbecue sauce on his lips before Mozzy, the lemur, kissed him.

“It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced,” Loutherback said. “The lemur was very aggressive, but it was fun. I’ve never done it before, so this is a first for me.”

Stunt Night was also part of the homecoming festivites and took place on Thursday and Friday night at 7 p.m. Each class performed a ten minute skit based on the theme, vintage video games, which was chosen by the sophomore class.

The freshman, who chose Pong as their game, told the story of a freshman girl, Claire, struggling between staying at UMHB or transferring to another university. Through several dance numbers, a Cru Knights fashion show, and a new version of Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You were Trouble,” Claire’s Cru leaders try to convince her to stay.

The sophomore class chose Pacman to tell the story of three UMHB students who are mysteriously trapped in a Pacman game. The students must escape the ghosts, help Pacman get together with Miss Pacman, and find a way to return home.

The junior class used Sonic the Hedgehog to tell the story of Sonic and his pals who are sent back to the freshman year level by Dr. Eggman. Sonic and the gang must conquer each level to get to graduation in time.

The seniors picked Super Mario Brothers as the theme of their skit, and told the story of how several Super Mario characters tried to beat the Hardin Sinners in a dance battle or face not ever being played again.

The seniors won audience choice and judges’ choice on Friday night. The class received a square to put on the quilt in the alumni museum.

The seniors were ecstatic to win Stunt Night for the second consecutive year.

“It’s second to the Lord coming back,” pre-med cell biology major Alex Kown said. “Winning my second year in a row with this class is by far the most incredible thing I’ve ever done at UMHB. I’m so blessed and so thankful.”

Between the Stunt Night skits and the awards ceremony, the Homecoming director, Elizabeth McKnight announced Caleb Johnson and Megan Redmond as the 2015 homecoming king and queen.

“I’m really, really surprised. There were a lot of other people I expected to win,” senior accounting and finance major Johnson said. “I’m still in shock.”

Following Stunt Night, the faculty, band, cheerleaders, Saderbells, and fans gathered at Luther Memorial for a pep rally.

The event concluded with the burning of the letters tradition, and a free dessert party and carnival for students and alumni at Burt Pond following the pep rally.

The Cru football team topped off the week of events by securing a win of 67-20 against the East Texas Baptist University tigers.

Author: Lauren Lum

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