Halloween DIY: Costume Edition

Who needs to buy one of those expensive, cheaply-made costumes from a big box store when you can make a DIY costume? As college students, we don’t have much money to spend on Halloween costumes. So, why not make one yourself from clothing articles you already have. Here are some helpful tips for making a costume that is sure to be a hit.

Be inspired by your favorite TV shows and movies.
Are you a Frozen fan? Then maybe you could dress up as Anna or Elsa. Or do you like Despicable me? Dress like a minion. It is easy and cute. Star Wars fan? Dress like Princess Leia or Darth Vader.

For example, if you want to be Leia, find a white dress, make a grey utility belt using gray paper and a Sharpie, and role your hair in Leila’s signature side buns.

Go to Walmart
Walmart has plenty of character themed t-shirts like Batman or Superman that you could easily add pants or a skirt to creat a one-of-a-kind costume.
Make sure you pick a costume you have time to make.

It would be a shame to pick a costume that you do not have time to make depending on how close Halloween is.

Find a few friends to help
Don’t make your costume alone. Grab a few friends and make a night out of it.

Look at what you have in your closet

Sometimes you can make a costume with what you have already without having to purchase anything.

One year I dressed up as Miss America. I used one of my old formal dresses, borrowed a fake crown from my little sister, made a sash from some ribbon lying around, and voila!

It’s okay if you can’t sew
There are many different ways to make a costume without knowing how to sew. You can even buy fabric glue from a craft store or Walmart at a minimal cost.

Be modest
You can have a cute costume without sacrificing your modesty. Making your own costume allows you to have control over how low your neckline is or the length of a skirt.

Combine costume ideas
If you can’t decide between two costumes, combine them. If you’re stuck between dressing up as Hannah Montana or a zombie, be Zombie Hannah Montana.

Be Creative
Don’t just go with the cookie-cutter costume that is the latest hit this year. Pick something you really want to be, and think outside of the box.

Author: Lauren Lum

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