Zombies, murders, and princesses, oh my

Big screen summer blockbusters have fizzled, but the small screen is just beginning to heat up. With the fall TV lineup in full swing, fans will be shocked to learn that their favorite characters are taking some surprising turns, and that their favorite celebrities are making some “scream-worthy” cameos.

American Horror Story:
Hotel, FX, TV-MA

Note to self never try to sass Kathy Bates.
The first episode of this new season proves that this will be one of the creepiest seasons of the show yet. Vampire children, zombies, ghosts and so many other creepy things that will definitely leave anyone who watches this season a little paranoid the next time they check into a hotel.

Even though it was a sad time for a majority of the American Horror Story fandom when Jessica Lange announced that she would not be returning to the show as a regular cast member, there was some rejoicing when none other than Lady Gaga joined the cast.

Some questioned Gaga’s acting skills, but Gaga proved them wrong. This character is a perfect match for her. Today’s horror movies should take some notes.

Scream Queens, Fox,

In just a few episodes it has already become one of the most talked about shows of the year.

It is definitely a wonderful year to be Ryan Murphy who created the hit show. The show is a wonderful mix of American Horror Story and Glee.

As the title implies, there is a bunch of screaming on the screen, but despite the show’s scary undertones it is actually really funny.

Emma Roberts, Keke Palmer, Nick Jonas, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ariana Grande, Lea Michele and so many other stars make this so wonderfully casted. With this star-studded cast, and wonderully creative scripts from Ryan Murphy, this amazing world of red devils, stereotypical sorority girls and frat boys, and of course a mystery that makes a horror comedy successful.

Modern Family, ABC, TV-PG

Everyone’s favorite television family is back on the air. The first episode hopped through the families adventures this summer, which made there summer seem like all summers too fast.

Haley (Sarah Hyland) and Andy (Adam Devine) finally revealed thier feelings for one another, but of course as all romantic interests on any television show, their timing doesn’t match up.

Hopefully this season we will see these two have more of a relationship. We also got to see Alex (Ariel Winter) headnig off to college, so we should see more of Alex in her own setting.

Whatever happens, there is bound to be tons of family drama, life lessons and plenty of laughs.

Once Upon a Time, ABC, TV-PG

Once Upon a Time is once again bringing you. the most popular Disney movies, fairy tales and classic children’s books.

This season in addition to the normal cast, some of the newest resident’s include the kingdom of Camelot and a new Disney princess, Merida.

That is right. The one Disney princess that shot an arrow for her own hand in marriage is joining the fun Storybrooke.

In the last season Emma became the Dark One to save her town and everyone in it.

Since then, there was a trip to Camelot and when the town returned their memories were wiped clean and Emma embraced the darkness and became the Dark One. How will Storybrooke go on now that their Savior has gone dark?

Author: Adam Ramirez

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