Family weekend returns to campus

By Starr Rivers

It’s six weeks into the fall semester of college and although students hate to admit it, they are beginning to miss their nagging parents and annoying siblings.

In order to give students a little piece of home and give parents the chance to see what their kids are up to on campus, UMHB hosted its annual Family Weekend Oct 2 and 3, with a string of events displaying UMHB traditions.

The weekend began with Museum Tours at the Musick Alumni Center. Next, parents were given the chance to meet representatives from the UMHB’s President Council and Student Organizations to get a better feel of who exactly is pouring into their student’s lives and how they can get involved.

Residential halls were also open to the families to see where (and how) students are living on campus.

As the sun went down, students and families were treated to the musical Little Mary Sunshine presented by the UMHB Department of Music.

The annual Family Weekend Pep Rally followed, where families were greeted with snare drums and cheers at Luther Memorial. The Blackshirt Cru Spirit Band, Sader Belles, and Cru Cheer Team also performed, pumping the parents up before the big game the following day.

The night ended with a Family Weekend Hangout, presented by CAB, which consisted of video games, board games, and live music performed by students.

Saturday morning began with a Spiritual Life and BSM Worship Service in Presser Hall, led by the families themselves. The Faculty Brunch followed, where parents were given a continental breakfast in Great Hall. The meal gave them a chance to get to know their students’ professors.

Kickin’ It On King Street was one of the highlights of the weekend. There were plenty of spirit tables, lawn games, and music to get everyone in the mood for the game.

Students were also eager to show their parents UMHB’s pregame tradition of welcoming the Crusader Football team and getting pumped to the sound of the Cru Spirit Band.

The last event was watching Crusader Football dominate against Belhaven University. The stands were filled with students, parents, siblings, and smiling faces.

Grabbing a cup of CRUnilla and a bag of popcorn, UMHB families watched the Crusaders lead the game with ease, the score reaching 50-0 by halftime.

“My brother [Baylor] plays football here, my dad Kieth coaches and my mother Shelly is the Residential Director for Farris Hall,” Landry Mullins said. “So Family Weekend is always a huge deal. The atmosphere on the UMHB campus during this weekend is one of the best.”

Although Family Weekend is for parents, it is also a chance for students to show their families how they have truly become a Crusader.

“What I love most about Family Weekend is getting to show my family what I experience on a daily basis at UMHB,” freshman Christian ministry majory, Bekah Graff said. “And [in return] have them experience it with me, even if it’s just for a short weekend.”

Author: Starr Rivers

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