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We’ve all been there before. With minutes to spare, you are rushing to your afternoon class.

You’re frantically searching for that close parking spot that will allow you just enough time to fast walk and get to class right on time.

That’s the goal anyway. But it hardly ever works out that way. Instead, you spend ten minutes searching for that parking spot, only to find yourself parking a mile away from class, walking into class late and forcing the professor to give you a tardy. An awkward predicament to be in.

Parking on campus has turned into a mock-up of The Hunger Games. Especially for those commuters who don’t start class until the afternoon. Parking is somewhat easier when you have an 8 a.m. class that allows you enough time to get to campus early and get that perfect parking spot.

For those of us who enjoy sleep, or just got lucky enough to opt out of an 8 a.m., it’s a little harder to find somewhere to park our cars.

We are either forced to leave our houses entirely too early just to make time to find a spot, or we have to sprint to class after having to park miles away. Another alternative is parking in a faculty parking spot that could potentially result in a parking ticket from campo.

As a commuter, it is necessary to get a parking spot because that is how we get to campus. It doesn’t make it easier when students who live in on-campus housing choose to drive because it’s too far of a walk or because it’s too cold to walk. Commuters don’t have the option to walk from where they live at all.

Complaints about the parking situation have been an on-going thing since anyone can remember. Certainly, there are solutions to this reoccurring problem that the university can do to help fix the problem. But all of that takes take, so until then, be curtious of others.

Really, the walk isn’t that bad. And it’s unfair for those of us who do commute to have to be forced to park off campus or in a commuting parking lot that is nowhere close to where we need to go.

For those freshmen who are just unaware and to the upperclassmen who are just fed up with having to walk from your apartments, just be considerate of those students who drive 20 or 30 minutes to campus every day.

Walking to class is the least you can do so that those of us who have no other choice but to drive, actually receive a decent spot without having to leave earlier than necessary.

Author: Jordan Yarbrough

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