Student Body President hopes to lead campus in positive direction

Junior Cell Biology major, Kayla Headley, is working toward her career in medicine and is planning to add a Spanish minor to her academic plan.

While this might sound like a tough workload, she actually came to UMHB with 30 credits. One main for the addition of Spanish to her plan is because she intends to start a practice in Texas where many citizens speak Spanish.

“I interned with a pediatrician over the summer who was bilingual and I felt so helpless when we had a patient who didn’t speak English,” Headley said. “It motivated me to master Spanish so I can effectively communicate with my patients.”

After medical school, she wants to do a three to five-year residency program and start a practice focused on pediatric neurology.

Headley jokes that if she gets married and starts a family along the way it would be a bonus, but currently that’s not her main goal.

Although Headley is focused on her future goals and making the world a better place, for now she is focusing on helping to make UMHB the best it can be through her newly-appointed role as Student Body President.

Headley wasn’t always as confident in her student government roles.

She ironically, ran to be on her high school’s student council every year but was never elected.

Her freshman year she put off joining any organizations and often club hopped. But eventually she found the Student Government Association.

“Reaching out was my first event on-campus and I saw how incredible it was for everyone to come together and serve – service is my love language – and I was like, who put this on? Someone said it was SGA and I knew these were my people.”

During her freshman year, she ran for sophomore class president and to her surprise, she was elected.

“I was over the moon excited when I got elected as sophomore class president. It’s sometimes hard to find your place on campus and it’s nice to know that SGA is my place. This is my niche.”

Headley began her reign in the spring of 2015 as Student Body President, and was able to begin her duties last semester and over the summer. This included meeting with former Student Body President, Jonathan Kendall, and working with other students to come up with an agenda for the upcoming semester.

“I thought that I would be doing a lot of work on my own and have been pleasantly surprised that it’s a lot of group work and more delegating.” Headley said. “It made me get out of my comfort zone and lean on other people. We had personalities all over the spectrum. I could never have asked for a better executive cabinet.”
Because Headley has had such a great experience in SGA, she encourages other students to join as well. She advises future candidates to first think about the impact they can have on campus.

“We have such a direct contact with admin and we can get so much done.”

The new Student Body President said anyone called to serve their fellow students is the perfect candidate for SGA.

“Do not be discouraged if you’re not elected your first time. We are always looking for more applications. As long as Student Government representatives come in with ideas and motivation for change and to stay motivated throughout their time in senate, they will be successful,” Headley said.

Author: Madeline Oden

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