SGA hopes to have big impact on campus policy

Student Government Association representatives recently met for the first time this semester to indoctrinate new members and brainstorm about ways to improve the student experience on campus.

The organization had many new ideas at this first session because of an influx of fresh faces.

“The only people that are returning senate members are those on the executive cabinet and then one or two of the other senate members. So we have a fresh senate; they’re still learning how everything works,” External Vice President Kirstie Wallace said.

Despite many being new to SGA, the senate members are ready and excited to bring their ideas of change to the table.

“SGA is not just about pushing agendas, but rather representing the 3000 students that attend UMHB,” Freshman Class President Tyler Baker said. “It is the only club at school that can have a direct effect on policy. I joined because I wanted to be involved in helping make our school even better.”

Getting involved and listening to classmates is exactly what the members are doing.

At the SGA meeting on Sept. 22, the senate members threw out many ideas that had been brought to them by fellow students.

One of these ideas was inspired by a concern about the sun glare from the windows on the first floor of the Student Union Building, as well as in Mayborn Campus Center.

“I propose getting blinds where the computers are in the SUB. It’s really bright and you can’t see the screen if you’re using the computers,” senior Senator Collin Cavendish said. “[I propose] possibly getting blinds and fans in Mayborn as well.”

Another issue SGA hopes to address has to do with parking restrictions. Students have mentioned that commuters are being allowed to park in residential parking spots at all times, but residents are only allowed to park in commuter parking spaces after 2:30 p.m.

Freshman cell biology with clinical lab science major, Bryanna Edwards, agrees with this issue and has expressed her frustration with the lack of parking spots closer to residential and academic buildings, and the competition this has led to.

“As a Remschel resident there is very little parking. We are always competing with Stribling residents and other students for parking spots by the dorm. I know commuters take lots of residential spots as well because there isn’t enough commuter parking either. It’s just a constant competition for spots,” she said.

Other ideas mentioned during the meeting were a return of the Homecoming 5K, a Day of Culture, and benches to provide seating at the bus stops.

The association also voted to nominate sophomore Treasurer Jake Fereday as the SGA Crusader Knight Representative.

If you have any suggestions or ideas on how to improve UMHB, contact your class’s senate members or come to an SGA meeting. They are every Tuesday at 9 p.m. in the Fowler Board Room on the third floor of the SUB.

Author: Taylor McMaude

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