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Large t-shirts, Nike shorts and Chacos. This has been the long-going trend for college girls, especially those at UMHB.

This look has illicited the taunting of college guys who claim that all girls look the same with their typical attire and similar hairstyles – long, straight hair thrown into a ponytail, messy bun or worn down. It has become a running joke for the male population around campus.

But, who are these guys to judge now? Recently, the guys have been sporting their own version of the “sorority girl” look. Here are some examples of the style these mockers have been perpetuating.

Footwear: This is one of the most important things to look for when identifying the “frat look.” They are strictly limited to boat shoes. The brand is open-game, but popular ones include Sperry’s and Polo. They are known for being comfortable, but they lack in hygiene department when worn without socks. Chacos might not be the cutest shoes, but at least they allow for comfort and breathability.

Pants: You’ve probably seen this trend; the ever-so-popular cargo shorts with one-too-many pockets and 50 shades of khaki. Another popular go-to choice are Chubbies; the short, vibrant colored shorts that make you question whether a guy was even in his right mind when he chose to wear them. Let’s make this clear: The shorter the shorts is not better.

Shirts: We can’t forget about fishing shirts and collared polo shirts to add to the outfit. You will almost never see a guy wearing a graphic t-shirt unless it is to promote their club. Solid, bright colors or plaid button-downs are also a must with this style. Add a frocket to the shirt of choice, and you are basically wearing a sign that says “frat guy wannabe.”

Accessories: To complete the trend, top it off with a pair of Oakley’s or Raybans, a hat (backwards, of course) to go atop their semi-long hair and a watch of your choosing.

Frattire is a real epidemic these days, and it has made its way to UMHB’s campus, despite the fact that we don’t have fraternities. Long gone are the days where the college males ganged up on females for looking the same. The tables have finally turned.

Author: Jordan Yarbrough

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