Cru volleyball starts season strong in UMHB Invitational

Young, powerful and determined. This is what sticks out when the 2015 Women’s Volleyball team comes to mind. Do not let this young team be underestimated. They went 3-1 at the 2015 UMHB Invitational.
This team has proven that it can hold its own. Last year, the team was ranked 27th by the American Volleyball Coaches Association with a record of 25-6. But this year, the team hopes to go the distance.
While Head Coach Rob Frost would not mind making it to the championship tournament, he said the main focus is making sure his team can work together and adjust to a college-level playing field.
“I like what we are doing but it’s going to take some time. So we may be .500 this year,” Frost said. “We want to get to the national tournament, one way or another. So if it takes us a season to develop, it’s fine. There are no expectations other than to continue to grow and get better.”
Frost said the biggest challenge the team faces is bringing the freshmen up to the speed of a college-paced game.
While seniors Shelby Prather and Cheyenne Dowdey also agree the team is young, they recognize the strengths that the freshmen are bringing to the court.
Dowdey believes the team has already improved from last season.
“I think we are taller as a team and we jump higher as a team,” she said. “With our scrimmages I noticed we are blocking better, we are faster, we are hitting over and around people a lot better than we ever have.”
Prather said that even though the team is inexperienced, the new players have stepped right in and are contributing.
“Our girls are really focused. Our freshmen are ready to step up and play,” she said. “They know they are coming into a winning program and so I think they are going to do everything they can to help us win.”
This team is bringing more power and higher jumps, and is determined not to go down without a fight.
On Sept. 4, the Cru hosted the 2015 UMHB Invitational. The Cru Women’s Volleyball team went 3-1 in this tournament. Coach Frost, Dowdey and Prather all felt comfortable going into this tournament because the team has been able to keep up with Division II teams in scrimmage matches. The team is also feeling confident because of the work they’ve put in at the gym during the offseason.
They may be young, but according to Prather, the goal is still the same.
She said, “Overall I just want to win, win conference and go far and finish my senior year off right.”

Author: Adam Ramirez

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