Preparation is key to fantasy success

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Fantasy Football Champion. That title that has eluded you for so long. You’ve watched your friends achieve fantasy football glory and endured their smack talk for too many seasons. Now it’s your turn to climb the proverbial mountain and plant your flag. With these simple tips and a focus on draft day, you can get one step closer to fantasy immortality.

Fantasy football leagues are not won on draft day, but they can be lost. The best strategy is to keep it simple. It’s tempting to take that sleeper you’ve had your eye on three rounds before you should, but patience is key on draft day. Don’t ever overpay for guys who you are hoping will have a breakout year.
When it comes to the first round, it’s all about running backs. Getting a stud such as Jamaal Charles or Eddy Lacy who you can depend on every week will give you some flexibility in later rounds. It may be tempting to take a top-tier quarterback such as Aaron Rodgers, but this will leave you searching for ballcarriers in later rounds. The only exception to this rule is in leagues with 12 or more teams where top runningbacks may not be available at the end of the first round.

You may have a vast knowledge of every player in the NFL, but this knowledge is all rendered useless if you don’t know how a draft works. Knowing when certain players or positions go off the board can help you know when the players you’ve targeted will be available.
One of the best ways to learn this is through mock drafts. Mock drafts are offered by most major fantasy websites and allow users to simulate a draft with other users and will give you a better understanding of how the draft process works.
It’s also important to draft from different positions. A player who drafts with the first pick will have different players on the board than one who drafts with the tenth pick. Therefore, completing several mock drafts will allow you to formulate a strategy no matter where you end up on draft day.

The first few rounds are easy. Once the draft progresses into the territory where all that’s left is players nobody’s ever heard of is where your preparation will determine your success.
The NFL preseason is one of the most effective ways to spot fantasy sleepers. Pay attention to the games, and if you notice a guy tearing up the competition, take a flier on him in the later rounds. Who knows, he may be the piece that brings home that elusive championship.

Author: Cody Weems

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