Freshmen experience first taste of campus

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As the school year begins, high school graduates from across the nation are moving into their respective colleges and universities, and adjusting to life away from home. Each university has its own customs, traditions, and majors, but I believe I attend one of the best universities in the nation

This past Wednesday, all the incoming freshman moved into their dorms. Unlike most universities, the students did not have to lug all of their belongings up three flights of stairs. The university employed upperclassman to haul in the freshmen’s belongings into each dorm room. When I arrived on campus, I checked into Remschel Hall and took the elevator to my room in the basement. I waited around five minutes, and then my belongings arrived. I did not have to spend 30 minutes unpacking everything from my car, then drag it across the quad.

Once I finished unpacking, I went to meet the president of the university. Dr. O’Rear and his wife did not just shake my hand and let me go on through. They asked me about my major, and talked to my mom.

During Welcome Week, the Wednesday through Sunday before the first day of classes, the freshman were divided into family groups based on their major. I have enjoyed getting to know my family group, and getting closer to them. We are not all from the same major, but it has been interesting and rewarding to get to know students from my seminar class before the class actually begins.

On Tuesday evening, Dr. Byron Weathersbee taught the freshman class about the traditions of the university, the alma mater, and the spirit dance. Once we did this, the freshman class led a tradition walk across campus. I enjoyed just cheering beside my fellow Crusaders, and walking across campus with them, where we finally ended up in the student union building. Then the pep band and the cheerleaders led us onto the field. It was impacting for me to run onto the field with all of the other freshmen. Some of them had never been to a game or even seen the field.

But this week has not just been all about playing games and having fun. On Thursday, our first full day of Welcome Week activities, each family group went to different organizations in the Temple/Belton community to lend a hand. My family group went to a shelter called Family Promise, where we washed windows, cleaned the baseboards and walls, tested mattresses, and picked up trash. It was rewarding to give back to the people in our community. Sometimes I think we forget that there are people less fortunate than us practically in our own backyards. Jesus calls us to love people, and I believe that is what we were doing during this project.

From “The Color Games” to volunteering to spirited seniors singing the alma mater three times at each meal, the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor offers an “education for a life, experience of a lifetime” which is why I believe that it is one of the best universities in the nation. Go Cru!

Author: Lauren Lum

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