Cru Culture – Back to school 2015

Summer is over. And we all know what that means; school is back in session. It is overwhelming, yes. We just had a four month-long break and now we are expected to jump into school like we never stepped away from it.

Yes, some people took classes over the summer. Some went above and beyond and went to class Monday through Friday. Others who couldn’t do that, due to summer jobs and vacationing, decided that online courses were the way to go. Either way, we can all agree that summer classes just aren’t the same as going to class during the fall semester.

What most people are worried about is getting back into the swing of things and getting as close to smooth sailing as possible before the semester gets harder.

One thing that might help is to wait after the first week of classes to get books. We’ve been there before; that second day after you’ve been to all your classes and your professors have confirmed which books you need to get. It sounds like a good idea to go buy them now, but you might have better results if you wait.

The lines in the bookstore are winding through clothes racks and bookshelves and out the door during the first week of class. It takes more than an hour to get your books. No one has that kind of time. Wait until after the first week. You probably won’t use your books the first week of classes anyway.

Another rule of thumb is to get a planner. Most students start out with one, and then kind of hop off that boat when they realize it gets difficult to keep up with as the semester progresses.

This might get you into trouble, especially when the homework starts piling up and papers are due every other week. Without a planner, poeple tend to forget about those simple things that actually end up being worth a lot of their final grades.

Lastly, manage your time wisely. College is a great experience and it’s about having fun and gaining new friends for a lifetime, but it’s also about getting an education. Don’t forget to have fun and make memories, but make sure you’re staying on top of your classes, deadlines and getting enough sleep.

Yeah, summer is over and it’s bittersweet. Freshman are getting used to campus life and everyone else is just excited to see their friends again. It’s going to be hard, but one thing is for certain: Christmas break is only a few months away and that’s enough motivation to get anyone through the semester.

Author: Jordan Yarbrough

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