Cru For Life brings awareness through diaper drive

Hope Pregnancy Centers serves Central Texas by offering compassion, accurate information and practical help to men and women facing unplanned pregnancies and past abortions.


“We want to help them in any way possible,” Junior Christian Studies major and Cru for Life officer Mike Perry said, referring to the group’s dedication to bolster relations with other ministries and to promote pro-life causes.


To serve an immediate need of Hope Pregnancy Centers, Cru for Life held a Diaper Drive from March 23 to 27.


“All the donations from the Diaper Drive went to Hope Pregnancy Center in Temple, TX,” Junior Psychology major Cru for Life President and Rachel Booth said.


“The center’s director was very thankful when we delivered the baby items. Pregnancy centers rely on the donations and support of others, so we are always looking for ways to serve them, especially since they provide such incredible resources for mothers, fathers, and their babies.”


Cru for Life received several diaper donations and nearly $300 in donations, which they used to buy infant supplies at Walmart.


The gifts served to meet more than a physical need Perry added.


He said the infant supplies will help break some ill-seeded beliefs about the pro-life cause.


“Hope took all of the diapers and items that we collected and is giving them to families and mothers within their first year of pregnancy that are in need of help. This is a crucial part of the pro-life movement, as the popular opinion is that pro-lifers don’t care for the women after they have the baby, but Hope and Cru for Life are looking to break that false stigma,” Perry said.


Today, the group heads to the Temple center to help plant flowers for its garden, “and we encourage all students to join us.” Booth added.


The Temple center is located at 2010 W. Avenue H.

Students pose for a group picture during Hope Pregnancy Centers’ Diaper Drive that took place in March. Courtesy Photo

Students pose for a group picture during Hope Pregnancy Centers’ Diaper Drive that took place in March. Courtesy Photo


“This semester has been awesome for Cru for Life. It’s been wonderful to connect with Hope and learn more about their ministry,” Booth said.


There’s more to come from Cru for Life this semester, though, as the work continues to spread their message.


“On April 28 at 7 p.m. in Shannon Commons, Cru for Life will be hosting a guest speaker named Arland Nichols, who is the founding president of John Paul II Foundation for Life and Family. He will be speaking to our group about birth control and Plan B,” Booth said.


As the world’s mentality is constantly bombarded with a pro-choice message, a talk on the issues is welcomed by a group seeking change.


Perry sees the Bible as filled with a pro-life message: from the Creation story to the Psalms, and found within the New Testament are words of life’s preciousness and purpose.


Verses “such as Matthew 6, verse 26 says ‘Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?’, speaking to the value God places on life,” Perry quoted.

Author: Tyler Agnew

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