Nick Jonas breaks “Chains” of Disney

Toto, I have a feeling we aren’t in Disney anymore.


Breaking away from his former Disney image and a little more than a year after his band of brothers split up, Nick Jonas has finally stepped out with some new music.


His self-titled album is almost unrecognizable, showcasing some rap, R&B and soul, but continuing with the pop music his fans have always known and loved.


The 22-year-old solo artist told Rolling Stone in a recent interview that his plan is to “surprise the world with the unexpected.”

During his days in the Jonas Brothers, Nick played guitar and lead vocals alongside brothers Joe and Kevin (left to right). TNS

During his days in the Jonas Brothers, Nick played guitar and lead vocals alongside brothers Joe and Kevin (left to right). TNS


He did just that.


Jonas quickly sheds his “good boy role,” which is apparent in some of his songs that use explicit language. This may not sit well with Jonas’ long-time fans, who may not appreciate the artist’s change in style.


Before the album’s release on Nov. 11, Nick’s first single, titled “Jealous,” was played on the radio and has been in the Billboard’s Top 40 for a couple of weeks now.


The album made it to streaming services like Spotify, even before the debut, showcasing songs like “Numb,” which features the upcoming female rapper, Angel Haze.


Surprisingly, his songs have also become popular, with “Chains” having more than one million “clicks,” showing how many times it has been listened to. “Numb” is right behind, with just under a million.


Jonas also proved he’s more than good-boy-gone-bad with the questionable lyrics from his other songs.


“Warning,” “Avalanche” with Demi Lovato and “Closer” featuring Mike Posner — these are just a few of the songs that have a lot of meaning that people can relate to.


It’s pretty obvious Nick will be bringing plenty of fans from his Jonas Brother’s days, but it’s unsure if they will stay after hearing what he has to say through song.


“I’m trying to make bold moves,” Jonas told People. “If not everyone comes on that journey with me, that’s okay. Now I get to do what I want and say what I want, and that freedom feels amazing.”


Following this statement, a lyric video for his new single “Teacher” was released, and it is racier than the words that the song incorporates.


The video displays male and female models dancing provocatively with the lyrics from the song written on different parts of their body.




This had fans questioning his past motives of being a good Christian guy with a purity ring, and how he could turn his image to a man singing lustful lyrics while posing in underwear.


His controversial photo spread featured jeans, a tight tank and snapback hat. But what made headlines on entertainment sites was the poses which quickly turned Jonas’ G rated shoot into something more. Shedding pants, his seductive stance caused quite the scene, prepping the world for his adult-themed debut. And this may have worked to his advantage.


The album has a lot to offer. But one thing is for certain: Jonas has nothing on Taylor Swift and her reign in the music industry right now.

Author: Jordan Yarbrough

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