Concealed guns on campus

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The Lone Star State is a place defined by gun culture. A lot of Texans grow up shooting cans in the backyard, aiming 22s at targets. It’s not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle.


That being said, Texas students with gun licenses could be allowed to have concealed, approved weapons on campus. If the students are of the legal age and went through the proper training, why should they not be allowed to carry them on campus? Gun-free zones scream, “Come shoot me! I’m not armed!”


Those who say, “If people left their concealed guns at home, they wouldn’t have the temptation to commit a mass shooting,” many times fail to acknowledge that the majority of people who shoot up schools or movie theaters do so with weapons that do not belong to them.


Once fired, bullets don’t take time to consider legislation. It’s irresponsible in a time when mass shootings occur so frequently to make universities slaughterhouses full of defenseless potential victims.


But some may cringe at the idea of concealed firearms on a campus, and rightfully so with the increasing number of shootings in public venues.


The potential of something violent happening becomes greater when students on campus decide to carry concealed weapons. Who’s to say that some mentally unstable person isn’t going to take someone’s gun who does have their concealed handgun license and start a massacre?


However, just because someone carries a firearm doesn’t mean that person has intent to kill. The majority of licensed, concealed weapons never see the light of day because their carriers only have them for self-defense purposes.


Considering both sides of this argument, maybe there is a reasonable conclusion. Allowing firearms might only work in Texas. In places like New York and California, where residents squirm at the thought of loaded weapons, carrying a firearm into a school would cause more harm that good. The culture isn’t prepared for that — people are afraid. That fear is reason enough not to allow concealed carry laws at universities, even Texas ones.


While defense is important, having the guns in such populated places would cause more harm than good.


But if most Texans feel qualified, prepared and safe with this idea, why should they not be able to carry a concealed weapon to college? It could stop many potentially fatal situations from happening.

Author: The Bells Staff

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