A sweet shop spin-off

College students are always needing a sweet tooth fix, and what better way to do that than by supporting a local business?


A new sweet shop just opened up in Morgan’s Point on Sept. 12 called Sips n’ Sweets.


But this is no ordinary dessert place.


“We are trying to carry unique things, but our big thing we want to be known for is our specialty soda,” owner Devenee Smith said. “You can mix or create your own drink, or we have our signature soda you can try.”

Blake Fullenwider scoops ice cream during his shift at Sips n’ Sweets. Jordan Yarbrough/The Bells

Blake Fullenwider scoops ice cream during his shift at Sips n’ Sweets. Jordan Yarbrough/The Bells


The shop also has different fresh-baked cookies, gourmet suckers that can’t be found anywhere else in Texas and ice cream that can be eaten in a cup, cone or used to make a soda float.


“Ice cream was actually an afterthought, but we are huge fans of Blue Bell. We are not originally from Texas, but we love Texas and we love Blue Bell, so we put it in,” Smith said.


Smith, who is originally from Utah, decided after being here for a few months that she wanted to open up her own business. With the support of her husband, who is a resident at Scott & White, and a lot of help from her dad to remodel the place, Sips n’ Sweets was finished and open in a matter of weeks.


“I’ve always loved business … I like using creativity … so this gives other people the opportunity to create their own treat.”


Smith hopes that the restaurant becomes people’s go-to when they want their daily soda fix or just as a hangout spot after school and work. The shop is a great little place for kids, families, and friends.


Junior psychology major Austin Darron works at the shop and said the environment is a unique one that everyone can enjoy.


“I think Devenee’s fun spin on soda is something that everyone enjoys. Kids love it, college kids are addicted to it, and adults are so curious, they try a new one every time.”


To reward frequent customers, Smith has started punch cards to get a free drink after 10 purchases.


This month, there is a special on the pumpkin cookies and the spiced pumpkin pecan ice cream.


Smith said, “We want to keep it exciting … sometime in the next couple of months, we want to do a competition on who can come up with the next best drink.”

Author: Jordan Yarbrough

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