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If you are that die-hard Cowboys fan who filled out your roster with Dallas stars such as Demarco Murray, Dez Bryant and Tony Romo, your fantasy record should resemble that of the Cowboys actual record.


Over the past couple of weeks the point production on the fantasy boards from the silver and blue have skyrocketed.


Of course, Murray has been a consistent fantasy player all year, averaging 156 yards per game and has successfully rushed for 100 yards or more in each of the six games this season. He has proven to be one of the best, if not the best fantasy pick of the season.


As the season progresses, it is imperative that you make moves early to account for your key players being out due to their bye weeks.


For example if you have LeSean McCoy on your roster, you might consider picking up a player like Chris Ivory if available. Ivory isn’t the dynamic back that McCoy is, but points are points and Ivory has been producing quality numbers. The new York Jets back splits time with Chris Johnson, but Ivory gets the majority of the carries in the red zone due to his bigger build and tougher running style.


Another dark horse in the fantasy football world is Larry Donnell. He emerged as a talented pass catcher at the tight end position for the New York Giants.

Dallas Cowboys’ star running back Demarco Murray gives a stiff arm to a Washington Redskins defensive back.  TNS

Dallas Cowboys’ star running back Demarco Murray gives a stiff arm to a Washington Redskins defensive back. TNS


If you are having trouble getting high numbers out of your tight end position … consider Donnell. He scored in the twenties in week five, but his production fell a bit in week six. But with the injury of receiver Victor Cruz, expect Eli Manning to target his talented young tight end more in the coming weeks.


On that same train of thought, a player that isn’t playing on many fantasy teams right now is Odell Beckham Jr., the young wide receiver out of LSU who is now catching balls from Manning in New York. His targets will also go up with the absence of Cruz. He needs to be picked up, even if he is on your bench. Just make sure you don’t let someone else in your league pick him up first.


Another issue that many fantasy owners have to confront is what defense to play. With all of the high powered offenses in the league, it is a constant battle to pick a defense that isn’t going to end up getting negative points.


One suggestion would be to just stick with your original defense, unless they are consistently getting low numbers or negative points. But switching defenses week to week could be your demise.


Don’t drop a good defense just because they are playing an offense like the Broncos or Seahawks.

Author: Leif Johnston

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