Cru Culture: Learning your vocab

A guy you met just last week walks up and asks you if you want to go to the meth house with him. Instead of letting your jaw drop at the audacity of a stranger suggesting you head over to the local drug headquarters with him, there’s a few things you might want to know.


With half a semester under your belt, or your graduation gown in this case, you’re probably into the swing of things on campus. But there may be some UMHB terminology you’re still unsure of, and to avoid the embarrassment of some upperclassmen jeers, it’s time you read up.


The Meth House


Contrary to the obvious, this isn’t a sketchy building for buying illegal substances. When you hear students on campus throwing this phrase around, hold onto your books — it’s not what you think. Christ United Methodist Church in downtown Belton serves free lunch for college students on Wednesdays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. It’s a weekly occasion most Crusader veterans frequent. Make sure you to throw a few bucks into the donation jar on your way out to keep the tradition alive. The meals change each time, but it’s always home-cooked and delicious.


The Thursday Chick-fil-A struggle


In case you’ve been living under a rock or in a single room in Stribling, Chick-fil-A in Temple serves discounted meals for college students on Thursdays. Showing your Cru Card grants you two magical things — free waffle fries and a free drink. What more can you ask for?


Norts, Chacos and Crunilla


You’ve probably heard at least one of these slang words thrown around in normal conversation. If someone mentions their Norts, it’s not a cheap kind of candy or an eclectic hipster name. Instead, this term refers to the Nike shorts that unfortunately fill most college students’ closets.


Then there’s the infamous Chaco footwear. These outdoorsy shoes are great for adventuring around Lake Belton and accompanying almost any outfit — or so they say.


If you’ve been to a Cru football game and not had Crunilla, you’re missing out. This purple Bluebell ice cream was made specifically for UMHB and will change the life of your tastebuds forever. Don’t ask why, but it’s better than the homemade vanilla, probably because of the color, but mostly because of the Cru spirit.



Now that you’ve learned all the terminology, been dubbed a Crusader forever, made it to class without getting lost, and realized that parking on campus isn’t worth a ticket, welcome home, Cru.

Author: Katelyn Holm

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