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A frigid wind dragged along the steps of Luther Memorial Saturday morning, October 4th, yet still, more than 300 students showed up to serve at Reaching Out 2014.


Lord knows it was a miracle I was one of em’. Saturday mornings, I’m usually in a state of comatose only the rapture can lift me out of. But my girlfriend, junior education major Savannah Davis wasn’t having any of that. My phone bu-zzzzzzzzzz-ed. It was time to go [insert sound of whip cracking here].


7:30 a.m. We just had to get a T-shirt. Savvy and I stood at the back while dedicated students materialized in front of Luther.


My roommate, senior physcology major Alex Aleman, stepped up to the microphone to lead us in prayer.


“We wanted students to have a direct impact on the community this year in a way they could see it,” he said. “It’s great that we got to work in Belton because this is our town.”


Aleman is the Director of Spiritual Life for Student Government Association, and “me and the chaplains are in charge of preparing the sites, finding a speaker and finding people to lead worship,” he said.


Senior Biblical Studies major Matt Boden, and fellow teammate of the acclaimed co-rec intramural football team known as “Jesus Jukes,” joined junior exercise science major Alexa Billington in leading worship.


Boden said leading worship at Reaching Out is unique.


“First,” he said, “It is so dang early. But the people who show up usually want to be there. That’s a breath of fresh air for someone in ministry to see.”


Students all around joined in a chorus of praise.


“Singing is just a very powerful form of worship,” Billington said, “and I know, for me, it’s what makes me feel like I’m connecting with God the most.”


“It’s just a beautiful thing to be able to sing to The Lord before the sun even comes out …” Boden added.


The only thing missing from Reaching Out’s pregame experience was Shawn Shannon’s “Big Watermelon!” warm-up. She was sick and dearly missed. But either way, it was time to serve. Savvy and I headed out to help clean up Nolan Creek.


We were joined on the trail by senior education major Kristen Cain, who also served at the Harris Community Center.


“We picked up large sticks and branches that were along the trail to clean up from the big storm Thursday night,” she said.


Our work replenished the creek’s appearance.


“God has shown me easy ways to serve in my community and also I have gotten to meet many other students and serve together,” Cain said. “Cleaning up our town is one easy way to glorify the Lord and touch the lives of many people here in Belton.”


As a fourth year Reaching Out veteran, I say, “Good work, UMHB. Good work.”

Author: Tyler Agnew

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