Sport Spotlight: Taylor and Tori Tucker

Taylor and Tori Tucker are sisters and compete together on the Lady Crusader basketball team. Taylor is a junior and Tori is a sophomore, and both are exercise sport science majors.
They went to many different schools growing up across Texas, attending Bryan Rudder and Oakwood, but graduated from A&M Consolidated High School in College Station.
This season, the Lady Cru are 14-7 overall and 14-4 in conference play and currently are tied for second place with the University of Texas-Dallas in the American Southwest Conference.

Sisters Taylor (left) and Tori Tucker take to the court together, bringing a whole new meaning to team chemistry. Jake Stamps/The Bells

Sisters Taylor (left) and Tori Tucker take to the court together, bringing a whole new meaning to team chemistry. Jake Stamps/The Bells

The Tuckers picked UMHB because of the opportunity to keep playing basketball with each other.
“We chose to play together and also like the atmosphere and how family orientated everyone is,” Tori said.
Outside of all the time spent on basketball, both sisters agreed that they enjoy sleeping, hanging out with teammates and play videogames.
“I love playing, I love the atmosphere, and I love the audience. I also love playing with my teammates and just basketball pretty much takes away any problems you might have at the time, it’s a whole new thing when you step on the floor,” Taylor said.
The sisters’ favorite memory was last season on the road against Concordia University.
“We went into double overtime, so we had a lot of time on the court to play together, and we all fought really hard to win that game,” Tori said.
In the game, Taylor and Tori combined for 38 total points and memories that will last forever.
The sisters spend a lot of time with each other off the court as they also live together.
“It can be challenging at times, but she’s not only my sister and my roommate, she is my best friend, so it makes things a lot easier,” Taylor said.
After college, both have set their plans on what they hope to do.
“I want to play overseas, and then after that I want to be a strength and conditioning coach and work with kids and train them,” Taylor said.
Tori wants to stay near the Belton area.
“I plan on attending PT school and be a PTA or physical therapist around the area,” she said.
Though Taylor has only one more year left of basketball, the Tucker sisters want to enjoy it all while it lasts.
“Taylor has one more year, and I’m just trying to get back out there ASAP with her. God has blessed us both with talent, and to be able to use it together on the same court is amazing,” Tori said.
“Taylor pushes me to be a better player myself. I don’t compare myself to her, but we both have different strengths. I would say the Tuckers’ legacy at UMHB is to be continued.”
The two will be back in action Thursday, facing the University of the Ozarks.

Author: Jake Stamps

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