Cru Culture: Winter wardrobe problems

Just a light jacket should be sufficient for Texas winter, right? Wrong. You are the weakest link.
While the wishy-washy weather isn’t just a Crusader problem, appropriate attire for unpredictable days seems to be a prevalent issue on campus.
You’ve all seen that girl wearing Nike shorts, gritting her teeth as another cold gust of wind threatens to knock her over. The better-bundled people glance knowingly at her, but never offer a coat or scarf. It’s not that far to class from Burt Hall anyway, right?
Then there’s the guy dressed for an arctic blizzard wearing all camouflage, a face guard and heavy boots. When he clunks noisily into the classroom and releases a long breath of relief, you question if you somehow ended up in the wrong class. In Alaska.
The opposite problem is when some guy struts in wearing a bro tank. Even if it’s 70 degrees outside, just the sight of those pale arms in the winter makes this whole scenario terrifying. The sleeveless shirt guy just can’t wait to show off the new guns he’s been working on as a New Year’s resolution. Not the bro tank—please, not the bro tank. At least not yet.
The layered woman probably causes you a good deal of confusion as well. This student combines random articles of clothing from every season, time period and pattern to create a warm yet quite unfortunate attempt at braving Texas winter. It’s great to encourage thrift shopping, but unless Goodwill is paying you to be their own walking advertisement, matching is recommended.
Then there’s the cold weather dirty little secret. To all those who wear pajama bottoms underneath jeans—sorry, but we can see the Spongebob Squarepants pattern peeking out the bottom hem of your pants. Supposing no one notices your denim fitting tighter and a little more awkward than normal, Nickelodeon nighttime attire always draws attention.
If you couldn’t care less about fashion, the flannel jammies plus real pants combo sounds like a good solution, though. When you get out of class, just unzip the top layer and you’re ready for nap time. Comfortable and practical. Like Crocs… oh wait.
Dressing accordingly can be exhausting, especially on one of those “I just got three hours of sleep, my socks don’t match and I think there’s a room check today,” days. But you don’t have to look like a model for J. Crew. Just avoid these sad Crusader scenarios, and you’ll be good to go.

Author: Katelyn Holm

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