2013: A year in review

THE BELLS — Whether it will be remembered as the year of government shutdown or twerking in honor of Miley Cyrus, 2013 defied the Mayan calendar and made history for the Cru.
In world news, the arrival of Britain’s Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge meant that, for the first time since 1894, three generations of direct heirs to the throne are alive at one time.
Thanks to the increase of social media, his royal highness had the most anticipated birth in recent history. Capture
Nationally, the Edward Snowden scandal plagued the NSA, and the country’s budget problems caused a 2 week  government shutdown.
In Texas, a fertilizer plant explosion rocked the town of West. Now residents have begun to rebuild their lives and homes with hope for the future.
While Justin Bieber lost fans due to unruly behavior and Kim Kardashian named her baby North West, great things happened at UMHB over the course of the year.
The Isabella Rutherford Meyer Nursing Education Center opened in February, providing students with high-tech training to better their future careers.
President Randy O’Rear said the equipment will open many doors for the program.
“Through our planning process, we identified that we needed a new facility that would not only allow our program to grow, but a facility where new technologies and the best practices could be implemented to continue our rich tradition of producing the highest quality nurses,” he said.
The most noticeable difference on campus — the new stadium —  seats almost 8,000 people comfortably and features the largest scoreboard in D3 football.
The Sept. 21 premiere game against Wesley College attracted 9,384 fans, the largest number of people to view a UMHB game at one time.
Vice President for Athletics Randy Mann believes the accommodations will establish a legacy that alumni are proud of and other schools will respect.
“I think it creates an excitement that we haven’t experienced since I’ve been around here,” he said.
Many social events made the year memorable, but one highlight was the crowning of senior music major Linny Mitchell as Miss MHB.
“I’ve learned so much through my own personal struggle that I’ve gained a serious desire to help others going through similar suffering,” she said.
Mitchell is currently practicing her platform in the community.
She said, “I’m going to expose my own self. I’ve learned if you share, you can move on. If you hold it in, you can’t.”
Homecoming weekend, the junior class stole Stunt Night, seizing Judges Choice and Crowd Favorite as well as Stephanie Bloodworth’s Best Actress award and Karl Baker’s Best Actor announcement.
Esther Gibbs and Andy McAteer received the Homecoming crown the same night.
In Cru sports, women’s golf clenched a national title. Coach Darla Kirby could not have asked for a better ending to her time at UMHB.
“To win a national championship in my last season as a coach is something I cannot even describe,” she said.
Men’s basketball finished second in the nation after a trip to the NCAA finals in Atlanta, Georgia. The history-making trip excited Crusaders who had an opportunity to ride in the decked-out fan bus.
Though the adventure ended in a loss, sophomore Layton Zinsmeister summed up the experience perfectly in a tweet sent after the game.
“You win some, you lose some, but no one can take away the fact that #Cru Basketball made history this year,” Zinsmeister tweeted.
Probably the most important thing that happened in 2013 happened to the dictionary. The word “selfie” joined the list of official and socially acceptable terms to the relief of Snapchatters everywhere. Thank goodness.
Remember the 35 minutes of blackness during the Super Bowl or how the Harlem Shake monopolized the Internet? Some things should be left in 2013. But all in all, it was another great year. Let’s hope no wrecking balls crash through the walls of 2014.

Author: Katelyn Holm

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