Cru Culture: Resolutions

I solemnly swear to stop drinking soda. Except for once a week. Or on special occasions. Or weekends.
Have you ever heard a half-hearted New Year’s resolution like this one? To start of 2014, people all over the world have committed to better themselves in some way.
In honor of fresh starts, I’ve given my life to Shaun T. Just that name causes feelings of dread and sudden muscle soreness. Shaun instills fear in unfortunate victims through his intense workout videos like Insanity and T-25. Happy New Year to me.
Say a quick prayer for those still working on January promises like painful adventures of squats and pushups. But fear not regular gym-goers, Mayborn won’t be packed much longer. It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and chocolate truly trumps any hopes of reformation.
Diet? Have you seen the giant Reese’s peanut butter cups shaped as hearts? Let’s be real.
Whether it’s losing weight or watching less TV, for a lot of people, resolutions will become like 6:30 a.m. alarms.
“I really don’t have to get up until 6:45,” you will convince yourself.
Then 15 minutes later you’ll probably say “I can still get ready in time if I get up at 7:15.”
Soon, it’s 7:45, class is at 8a.m. and getting ready becomes a dream of the past. You grab a Dr Pepper for breakfast and head out the door, forgetting any motivation you previously had.
Many students will vow to start keeping a planner or start homework the day it’s due. But it’s crazy how as soon as you sit down at your computer, tabs will magically open and somehow your fingers type in your Twitter login. Soon, you get lost in the scrolling and the tabs multiply. Hello Facebook, dear friend. Long time no see. YouTube, you want in on this action?
Resolutions are hard to keep, but are far more rewarding than finishing an entire Netflix series in one week.
Stop procrastinating, people!

Author: Katelyn Holm

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