It’s time for the GOP to wake up

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Divide and conquer. That seems to be the strategy Democrats are using to undermine the integrity of their GOP counterparts. Are Republicans going to ignore the elephant in the room, or are they going to address the widening rift dividing conservatives, and allow liberals to exploit it for political gain? 6am clock_web

Take Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham and John McCain for example. They helped spearhead the famed Gang of Eight. They proposed an amnesty plan to remedy the dire immigration problem.

Others in the Republican Party don’t want to make that kind of compromise, and it’s understandable because of the provisions that would allow millions of family members of illegal immigrants to further inundate the country. Neither the U.S. budgets nor infrastructure are ready for that.

Then there’s Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey. He wooed conservatives and then betrayed them in the heat of a national election. Super-storm Sandy got the best of him.

Only days before the election, he hugged President Obama publicly and made speeches about how wonderful Obama had been. There’s nothing wrong with a Republican showing appreciation to a Democrat but timing is everything. Did Christie really think Obama cared about New Jersey? He was less than two weeks away from possibly being re-elected. Of course he was going to fly down and tour the destruction for a photo op.

Where was the president during the devastating Texas wildfires that occurred in multiple years during his first term? When Rick Perry requested his presence, the commander-in-chief demanded he meet him in El Paso and speak with him for 10 minutes on the tarmac when his plane landed.

On the tea party side, there’s Ted Cruz who’s not afraid to make 21-hour speeches and read Bible stories to his children to take up time to stall a piece of legislation he doesn’t agree with. Republicans, for the most part, have opposed the Affordable Care Act, so why would they attack their own man like Cruz?

Yes, the media and pundits were warning that Republican obstruction to the legislation would have been bad for Republicans because they would appear to be taking the government hostage. The Democrats and the left-leaning media would have made them look bad if they hadn’t stalled it.

What happened to the conservative ideal of being steadfast in your beliefs in the face of pressure?

To stay alive, the GOP needs to make a list of the values and issues most important to it. The party must also be willing to compromise on the ones that aren’t as high-ranking. This will help stop the mixed messaging that is tiring their constituents.

Author: Antonio Hebert

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