Weather keeps Lone Star State on its toes

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Imagine all of your favorite songs about the weather, put it on a mixed CD and hit shuffle. That’s more or less how residents feel about the Lone Star State’s climate in a 12-hour period.

The bustle to 8 a.m. classes might bring a blustery chill, while the walk back after 3 p.m. leaves people with sweat stains galore. TXWX

What season is it, you might say? Oh it doesn’t really matter. The actual “season” is about as reliable as leaving your dog alone with your homework.

Texas weather has always been the talk of each seasonal exchange since the time of its establishment, or at least we can only assume.

Because of its long-time weird weather habits, residents have unofficially recognized their own climate type — “Texas”.

By the natives’ definitions it’s an enduring combination of rain, sleet, hail, wind and cold topped off with a scorching afternoon of long-awaited sunshine and probably more rain. There’s a reason we refer to her as Mother Nature. Casual attire becomes as fickle as the temperature. “Dress in layers,” people say.

You might leave the house looking like an Arctic researcher and come back with the attire of a Hawaiian beach bum.

For those who fail to follow the rule of thumb, no matter how they leave for the day, it tends to remain a constant battle of weathering the weather.

You can always cry right along with the sky and the Eli Young Band, when it rains, of course.

A morning departure without a glance at the forecast has become the ultimate “YOLO,” even for the biggest Drake fan.

If students are thinking outside the box, they may accomplish the feat of tolerating the Texas climate with only a single “fashionable” outfit — winter boots, shorts, a tank top and a nice fluffy jacket. Whatever one’s Texas weather swag may be, it never seems to be enough.

“It’s seriously ridiculous sometimes,” senior pre-physical therapy major Jacy Mullins said. “I probably come home and change at least twice a day. I always have jacket and an umbrella in my backpack.”

The weather these past few weeks has left social media and discussion topics flooded with climate comments, as the Texas sky probably snickers and throws down another curve ball — hash tag Texas probz.

It’s only one of the many things that bond the inhabitants of this great state, but one of the few fused by a mutual annoyance.

Texans aren’t sure whether to blame global warming, the weatherman or perhaps even the government shutdown, so they must simply learn to embrace the unpredictability. That’s Texas, y’all.

Author: Alannah Domangue

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