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What do you get when you combine Chacos and Toms? Tacos. And the best part about tacos is you don’t have to worry about whether or not you have to wear socks with them.

With so many different trendy shoe options, how do students decide which ones to sport?

Students sport popular footware like Toms and Chacos. Katelyn Holm/The Bells

Students sport popular footware like Toms and Chacos. Katelyn Holm/The Bells

Many Crusaders combine their favorite outfits with a pair of Chacos, a Z-strap sandal originally made for whitewater rafting guides because of their durability and waterproof material.

Instead of being used for their original purpose, though, people all over the world wear Chacos for all outdoor activities. That’s fine, as long as the strappy shoes never walk indoors.

Just as certain breeds of dogs should be kept inside, some recreational wear doesn’t belong in suburban life.

Chacos are not the Chihuahuas of the shoe world. Keep those puppies outside, folks.

People who choose to wear the outdoorsy sandals call themselves Chaconians, which pretty much speaks for itself. It’s like a professional athlete giving himself his own nickname—kind of lame. Sorry, Ochocinco, but Kobe and Lebron didn’t need to name themselves, and neither should Chaco-wearers.

I stumbled upon a blog by a woman from Arkansas. It is dedicated completely to bedazzled Chacos. Let’s just add some toe socks to the unfortunate equation and throw a tacky party, shall we?

Another popular pick, Toms, can be a dangerous fashion faux pas as well. Though the company that manufactures the comfy shoes seeks to help the non-profit subsidiary, Friends of Toms, not all the ways Crusaders wear the sneakers are fashion friendly.

Socks or no socks? Here lies the problem. Socks ruin the look completely, but no socks ruin any hopes of keeping your footwear fresh. Bare feet inside your Toms creates a situation that everyone around you will resent. It stinks. Literally.

So go with some cutoff socks, but please, for the sake of everyone at the university, do not wear long socks. That’s almost as bad as bedazzled sandals, and that’s enough to scare the socks right off of ya.

God bless your soles.

Author: Katelyn Holm

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