Coaches’ Commute to Campus A Cakewalk

Students aren’t the only ones who live on campus. Though many coaches have come and gone, currently two  live in university housing.

Head men’s soccer Coach Brad Bankhead is in his eighth year coaching at the university. In July 2012, he moved into Stribling Hall with his family: wife, Shannon, and three children Mallory, Morgan and Max. They lived in Temple before relocating.

Head men's soccer coach Brad Bankhead hangs out with some of his players in the quad outside of his home, Stribling Hall.

Head men’s soccer coach Brad Bankhead hangs out with some of his players in the quad outside of his home, Stribling Hall.

University life compared to having a home outside of the school has its ups and downs.

“There are a ton of differences,” Bankhead said.  “We don’t have the space that we once had, and we definitely are in a tighter house…. It’s a little less private, but we love being on campus and being around students. Our kids love it and enjoy having the quad as their front yard,” he said.

Bankhead also spends less time traveling now.

“My commute is about a minute and 30 seconds to my office, whereas it was before about 15 minutes,” he said.

Head men’s and women’s tennis coach James Cohagan also lived with his family in Stribling Hall for nine years back in 1990.

Cohagan enjoyed his time and the stories students would make up.

“It was a lot of fun. I was both teaching and coaching. I learned a lot about what campus life was like. The computer ate my homework stories didn’t go quite as far when you saw the person who said they did it, but you saw them pick up a girl from Stribling that night,” he said.

“In those days, the ping-pong tables and pool tables were down at the student union building, so we knew a lot more about what campus life was like.”

Being on campus allows coaches to have a better relationship with their teams. Bankhead talked about being with his “other family.”

“I see (my team) a whole lot more…. We don’t ever get away. That’s kind of the negative, but we enjoy it enough that we are never looking to get away,” Bankhead said.

Assistant volleyball coach Lindsay Garza lives with her husband, Bear, and son, Anderson, in Gettys Hall. Garza  graduated from the university  in 2008. She played volleyball three years for the Cru. Garza and her family moved to campus two months ago.

She also believes living at the university helps her relationship with the team. Moving off-campus would cause her to miss out on many memorable moments.

“I think being on campus has been the bridge on getting to know them. In practices, everything is business, which is how we like our practices to be— very focused. So there is not a lot of opportunity to relate to the girls. But living on campus, I run into them all the time, so that’s how I have gotten to know them.  I think actually if I didn’t live on campus I wouldn’t have that strong of a relationship,” she said.

Senior computer graphic design major Joel Salinas is one of Bankhead’s soccer players. He enjoys his coach being around the university.

“Having Coach live on campus makes it easier for us to bond with him. We are able to reach him a lot faster when any kind of issue comes up, and it lets us know that he is involved in our student lives, not just our lives on the field.”

Author: Jake Stamps

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