iOS Update: Seventh Heaven or Major (Apple) Malfunction?

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Apple fans across campus recently updated their iPhones to iOS 7. While some are left with a bitter taste, general campus consensus approves of the fresh look.
imagesSenior psychology major Jason Aleman was one of the first to receive the new update for his phone.
He has owned each edition of the iPhone and its software since the first generation.
“I heard about it during the summer, and when I found out it was coming out this fall, I was so excited,” he said.
Apple Inc. officially announced the software’s release Sept. 10, and a week later students were eager to get their hands on the product. So far, the smallest details have proved to be the biggest hit.
The upgrade features a whole new layout for the iPhone. Apple did not skimp on details, as even the menu colors are designed to detect each phone’s wallpaper and match.
Junior nursing major Deanna Dawdy downloaded iOS 7 on her iPad and iPhone and has enjoyed exploring each new element.
“I spent like three hours last night playing with it,” she said the day after upgrading.
The notification center is improved, a flashlight is now located on the control panel and many major apps including Facebook and Twitter have reformatted their designs specifically for the new look. The iPhone’s multitasking capabilities are better than ever.
Even Siri got a makeover; the voice assistant now includes a male voice option. Junior social work major Payton Pierce said, “It’s the little things” that make iOS 7 special.
“I love, love, love the control panel. I don’t have data, so whenever I go off campus, I can just swipe up, click Wi-Fi button, close it back down, and I’m not wasting battery on Wi-Fi,” she said. “You don’t have to go into settings to change the brightness. So if you’re in a movie, it’s easy.”
One highly anticipated feature was the iTunes Radio app. Described as the latest rival to Pandora, the Apple-style Internet radio allows users to create stations, stream music and purchase tracks all on one device.
On the dark side, updating to iOS 7 is like biting into the forbidden fruit; once users upgrade, they will be unable to downgrade to the previous software.
Some have found the new layout to be overly colorful and childish. Others have claimed it resembles the look of a Windows phone.
The most common annoyance among Crusaders is setting a wallpaper using iOS 7.
“Whenever you try to set a picture as your wallpaper, it zooms in, and you can’t unzoom,” Aleman said. “It’s everyone’s biggest complaint right now. … I think it’s a bug, though.”
Despite the background issue, which is certain to be corrected by Apple, students seem to approve of the update.
As Pierce summarized, the update takes “basically all the things the iPhone could do before. It’s just easier to get to them.”

Author: Halley Harrell

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