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A lot of things make UMHB students unique. In fact, seven characteristics separate regular students from Tru Cru.

    Students attempt to catch shirts thrown by cheerleaders. Photo credit: Jake Stamps/The Bells

Students attempt to catch shirts thrown by cheerleaders. Photo credit: Jake Stamps/The Bells

Why seven?  We are a Baptist school, and seven seems like the perfect number. So let the countdown begin. You know you’re a Crusader when:
1. You start using phrases like “Campo.”
The technical term is “Campus Police.” Nevertheless, “Campo” takes less time to say and leaves you feeling a lot like Ke$ha when the phrase leaves your mouth. Yes, it’s a term, and, no, you won’t get a ticket for it.
2. You find yourself looking forward to tweeting in chapel.
So many inspiring speakers walk up the steps of Walton Chapel every Wednesday morning. But the real proof of a great sermon lies in the mentions on Twitter. It’s like having a class discussion without having to raise your hand or formulate your thoughts on the spot. Hashtag chapel.
3. Every Thursday, you instantly crave a specific chicken sandwich.
When someone asks you about your favorite campus tradition, do you instantly think “Chick-fil-A night?”  Even though it may not technically be considered a tradition, Thursday nights in Temple, surrounded by tasty sauces, yummy chicken and good friends make for some of the best memories.
4. You gasp when someone uses the phrase “School Song.”
Those two forbidden words definitely classify you as a real Crusader. If you’ve been paying attention at any pep rally, assembly or lecture, you know that the song which begins, “Dear Mary Hardin-Baylor,” has been dubbed as the “Alma Mater.” Any utterances of the two “s” words should cause a shock to the purple blood that runs through your veins.
5.  You wonder whether or not someone actually died in Presser Hall.
I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors that the building houses a ghost and has appeared on multiple paranormal hunting shows. That doesn’t stop your curious spirit from wanting to explore the old building at night, though.
6. You ask for Norts for Christmas.
Just the fact that you know what Norts are shows your school spirit. Nike shorts aren’t an option. They are necessary and vital to your academic survival.
7. You drink Dr Pepper for breakfast.
You will consume more of this sugary drink in your four (or five or six) years at UMHB than you will for the rest of your life. Take advantage of the free beverage. Coke products? Ain’t nobody got time for that.
While these things may seem odd and random, they make us as a school unique. Twenty years from now, you won’t remember how much time you spent cramming for that Psychology test. But you will remember late nights at Whataburger or sitting in the quad when spastic sprinklers attack. Go Cru.
by stars such as Lady Antebellum, Blake Shelton, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and others singing his songs.
The Country Music Association named its lifetime achievement award after Nelson, who was its first recipient.
As always, the  awards were an all-around enjoyable evening filled with music and laughter. TV audiences are anticipating next year’s CMAs.

Author: Katelyn Holm

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