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For the past several years, finding information about events happening on campus has been frustratingly difficult. A visit to the online calendar was usually a futile effort.

Thankfully, the voices of the student body were heard as the university unveiled a brand new calendar for this semester.

Web Services Manager Matthew Irvine said the changes had been in the works for quite some time.

“We knew that there were problems that we wanted to address, and we wanted to prioritize that,” he said.  “The problems with it were that it was very difficult to use before. It was hard to search for events.”

Before the changes, the calendar was about as useful as a lead balloon. Want to find the date of a particular event? Good luck! It was so difficult to navigate that the only way students could locate an event was if they already knew the date of it beforehand, which seems to defeat the purpose of a calendar in the first place.

However, the new calendar includes several features that eliminate the frustration the old one inevitably brought on. A featured section brings things that are seen as top priority to students and the university to the top of the page and eliminates the hassle of searching fruitlessly through various events.

The calendar also allows for trending events and promotes items based on traffic they receive on the website.  Director of Marketing and Public Relations James Stafford hopes students will use this feature to make the calendar their own.

“There’s an algorithm involved where they get promoted to more prominent spaces based on how much interaction students and users are having with them, so if a bunch of students are clicking on the same event, all of a sudden it’s coming up higher,” he said. “What I hope it does is give a sense of ownership to our students.”

The most frustrating thing about the previous calendar was the unnecessary repetitiveness, which made things feel cluttered. For example, each and every single athletic practice, club meeting and academic event was listed for each time it occurred.

Now, events are listed under categories that make them easy to find and ensures that users no longer have to weed through things they don’t care about. Need fine arts credits? Simply click on the tab titled “Fine Arts.” Want to know when Cru Knights is? It will now be listed as a featured event instead of hiding between golf practice and chemistry club.

In addition to being easier to navigate, the calendar is now able to connect with social media. Stafford said the changes to the calendar are proof of the dedication to serve the student body.

“I think that the calendar is an indication of our commitment as a university to be ever improving and to address the needs of our students.”

Author: Cody Weems

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