Room Checks: to clean or not to clean is the main question

Knock, knock. Who’s there? RA. It’s time for room check!

When it comes to life on campus, room check is probably not at the top of students’ list of favorite things.

In fact, most students groan at the thought of a resident assistant checking to see if they vacuumed the floor, cleaned the microwave and took out the trash.

“This is college,” students think. “I don’t live with my parents anymore, so why should I have to do chores?”

Believe it or not, room check is the perfect opportunity to spread one’s wings of independence. It may forever be a mystery how the messes materialize out of nowhere, but RAs are here to help students conquer clutter and keep their spaces tidy.

Room check is also a great opportunity to impress your RA by leaving a gift. It’s also a time to play a prank or showcase eccentricities. Just ask your RA; room checks offer some of the best behind-the-scenes stories imaginable.

Senior psychology major Tiffany Williamson is an RA at the Garner apartments. During her two and a half years on the job, she has experienced a wide variety of room check shenanigans. When working in Burt Hall, Williamson had a few resident pranksters. Their jokes included taping paper arrows all over the hallway, hanging various undergarments from the ceiling and setting a creepy doll in corners just to scare the neighbors.

Along with the pranks, Williamson witnessed other quirks while conducting room checks.

“I had two girls who had a stuffed animal cat in their room. It had a bed and name and everything,” Williamson said. “It gave me a little mini heart attack every time I went in.”

When junior nursing major Britni Marburger worked in Stribling Hall, one resident would leave presents. Each time room check was scheduled, Marburger would find a small white board set out on the bed with a piece of candy.

“Halfway through the semester, I went to her room and read the note,” Marburger said. “It said ‘Britni, I hope you have a wonderful day today. Sorry, I don’t have any candy. I’m just a poor college student. However, you are more than welcome to an apple that is in my refrigerator,’” she said. “I thought it was funny that she was offering me fruit because she couldn’t afford to get candy. Life of a poor college student.”

Senior psychology major and former RA Lauren Rodriguez worked in Burt Hall and Garner for several semesters. One of her best room check stories occurred when she knocked on the door and her resident called out, “Go away. I am too tired today.”

While room checks can seem tedious, all it takes is a bit of creativity to make the chores the punch line of the week.

Author: Halley Harrell

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