Faculty Art Inspires Student Creativity

On a Thursday, at 5 p.m., prime study time for students and usually when professors are making their commutes back home, some students and faculty chose to stick around campus.

Why? They were at the Baugh Center for the Visual Arts enjoying a collection of art showing just what professors can creatively do.

Yvonne Cao's series called Typographic Transition. Jordan Yarbrough/The Bells

Yvonne Cao’s series called Typographic Transition. Jordan Yarbrough/The Bells

The exhibition presents works from different areas that include photography, graphic design, painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture and printmaking.

“We are artists first and teachers second,” Hershall Seals, chair of the art department, explained about his and his colleagues’ dual careers.

Seals’ goal for the exhibit is so students can see what their professors are producing outside of mentoring them in the classroom.

Seals explained that shows can happen every two or three years at art schools so that students can have a better understanding of their professors.

He described how the art world is always growing, and this provides for education for all students, not only art majors.

Hershall Seals' art, Alligator Dreaming. Jordan Yarbrough/The Bells

Hershall Seals’ art, Alligator Dreaming. Jordan Yarbrough/The Bells

Although Seals is head of the department and put together most of the show, he found time to also create his own art for the exhibit.

Seals described his displayed work as fused blown glass and “an ongoing series of assemblages of found objects” that have been put together.

While studying a series of art from Yvonne Cao called Typographic Transition, junior graphic design major Brittany Davis said she especially likes this type of art the most. Being a graphic designer herself, along with creating comics and her own works, Davis relates to Cao’s kind of design.

Davis, who had a noticeably big interest in the faculty show, said she likes to “see where the teachers are coming from” and how they apply their works and knowledge of art to their teachings.

Sophomore art major Elizabeth Motley admired the art work and said it is interesting to see what her professors can do.

She experiences what they know and now gets to see their work and what they can do outside of the classroom.

Motley explained how she gets a “better understanding of where they are today as a teacher and as an individual.”

Outside of playing basketball for the university, Motley said she enjoys art because it lets her express herself in a different way with no limitations.

Since the art department has moved from Presser into the new building, they have been putting on different art shows regularly.

Along with the current one, senior art shows have been seen in the exhibit room.

David Hill's sculptings called Cups. Jordan Yarbrough/The Bells

David Hill’s sculptings called Cups. Jordan Yarbrough/The Bells

For Homecoming, there will be another exhibit located in room 206 of the Baugh Center on Friday, Oct. 18. The show will count toward students’ FAE credit.

The faculty art show will continue until Sept. 21 and is located in the Baugh Center exhibit room.

Author: Jordan Yarbrough

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