San Antonio: Spur in Miami’s side

Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat resembles a prehistoric animal—this much I know.

Before the NFL kicks back up, a short review of this summer’s conclusion to the National Basketball Association is in order.

After a season of ups, downs and lockouts, NBA fans’ hearts could not be happier about the dramatic finish in June. Well, excluding those San Antonio Spurs fans.

The Miami heat clinched a back-to-back championship that was just a little sweeter than usual. Imagine Splenda sprinkled on top of ice cream, all served in an edible sugar cone. That was just how sweet this victory became. Why?Game 7 of the NBA Finals: San Antonio at Miami

The Miami Heat, without a doubt, endure a lot of hate when it comes to professional sports teams. Speculators argue that the franchise “bought the win” in 2012, and again in 2013. By signing three superstars for less money than they could earn elsewhere, the Miami owners built what many call an unfair roster.

While other teams possess a Big Three, Lebron James and Chris Bosh remain traitors in these self-proclaimed haters’ minds because James and Bosh left their previous team to be part of Dwyane Wade and the Heat’s national basketball experiment.

During the championship series, people all over the Internet proclaimed, “My basketball philosophy: Any team that isn’t the Miami Heat.”
That stings, whether your fandom lies in Lebron’s team or not.

Dramatic blowouts and nail-biting buzzer-beaters made this series all the more interesting. When San Antonio came out swinging in the first match up, the Heat returned the favor. This back-and-forth competition continued until the Spurs had everything they needed for Tim Duncan’s big win and likely departure into retirement.

Up 3-2, the Texas team looked like it had the upper hand. The Heat needed two wins, and the Spurs needed one. Yet, the Florida team prevailed and rallied to conquer the Spurs in game six. Miami
returned for home court advantage in game seven, where they finished off their veteran opponents for a 95-88 win.

This victory gave the Heat their second title in three years causing many to wonder if they could possibly be the new dynasty of this decade.
The past ten years belonged to the Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs, but it is beginning to look like a new team may be taking over in the NBA.
James earned yet another MVP titled and reassured the nation he has “no worries” in reference to the animosity.

The 2013 draft gave many teams new faces. These rookies had a chance to show off their talent during this season’s summer league. Though the games usually showcase many mistakes and blunders, the NBA has some new talent taking the court in the season to come.

Despite all the social media drama and trash-talking from every side, the NBA is about players and fans coming together in competition to participate in the best basketball on the planet. Trading players and rebuilding rosters—it is all about creating teams more capable of entertaining the audience and winning championships.

Author: Katelyn Holm

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