Finals Frenzy

With summer only two weeks away, students across campus find themselves rejoicing now that the only thing between them and freedom is finals.

“It’s hard to believe that summer is so close. I have worked very hard this semester, and I’m ready to finish strong,” junior business management Bailey Finninger said.

Although every student has finals to take, many students have unique ways that they prepare for them. Finninger uses the art of repetition by making flash cards of important terms and concepts covered in her classes and quizzing herself on them.

“The process of going over my notes, making flashcards myself, and going through them multiple times helps me memorize the things I need to remember for my tests,” she said.

In comparison, studying for finals started at the beginning of the semester for junior elementary education major Amanda Davis.

“To prepare for my finals, I like to start off the semester strong by going to class, taking notes, and trying hard on each assignment. When I do well at the beginning of the course, it takes the pressure off having to work extra hard to barely pass,” Davis said.

Since Davis has presentations and field-based projects in place of actual finals, she likes to reread chapters in her text books and make study guides of her own.

“The reviews professors give are helpful, but I have found that I by making outlines of chapters on my own refreshes my memory as to what I have learned at the beginning and helps me retain what I learned more recently. Davis said.

As students are using many methods to prepare for finals, sophomore marketing major Catherine Young said the best thing she can do for herself before finals is relax.

“Finals are stressful for everyone. People tend to overlook basic things like sleeping well and eating right. I try to keep my normal routine during finals and then make the most of my down time by studying intensely. If I get too stressed out, I calm myself by taking a bubble bath or quick nap,” Young said.

The end of the year is always a taxing time whether it is the first year of college or last year of grad school. To get through them efficiently and relatively painlessly, Young emphasizes the importance of taking care of the body and mind before anything else.

“Pulling all-nighters while eating junk food is how many people think the typical student studies for finals, but there is no way a person can perform well if they aren’t taking care of themselves.”

Young suggests that outside of eating healthy and sleeping adequately to start studying a few days before the final if not a week. She points out that the reason so many students pull all-nighters is because they wait the night before the final to go over the bulk of what they need to know.

“It sounds cliché, but waiting till the last minute to study for finals is what causes the most stress. As long as people are taking care of themselves and breaking down their studying to manageable bits, there is a much higher chance of success.”

Author: Sarah Tiller

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