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A very wise man I call my dad has always told me, “Life is about relationships.” These words have never seemed more true than now, as I reflect on my time at UMHB.

I still remember leaving for college like it was yesterday instead of nearly four years ago. I didn’t know a single person. I was scared to death. But very quickly, I found a community of friends that have become my family, and they have made Belton home.

When I think back over the time, many of the details blur together. But the things that stick with me are the people.

When I leave, I probably won’t remember every lecture I sat through, but I will remember the classmates who sat through them with me, often grumbling together over every assignment.

Senior mass communication/journalism major and Editor-in-Chief of The Bells, JC Jones,  works at her computer. Photo by Katelyn Holm/The Bells

Senior mass communication/journalism major and Editor-in-Chief of The Bells, JC Jones, works at her computer. Photo by Katelyn Holm/The Bells

I won’t remember all of the late-night study sessions, but I’ll remember the moments of delirium with those who endured them with me.

I won’t remember all of the good times, or the tough moments, but I’ll remember the friends whom I laughed, cried and lived life with.

Whether we realize it or not, there will probably never be another time in our lives when community is so easily accessible.

For many, our closest friends are just a short walk away. Along with so many activities, organizations and things to be involved with, also comes the opportunity to live life alongside others.

Please, don’t take this for granted, and don’t miss opportunities to invest in the lives of the people you come in contact with daily.

To my friends, professors and peers, thank you for making my experience what it has been. They say college is the greatest time in your life, and so far, I can say this couldn’t be more true.

To The Bells staff, thank you for your dedication, hard work and most of all, your friendship.

You have not only made my job easier, you have made it so much fun, and I could not have asked for a better group of people to spend endless hours in the lab with, cover events with, stress about deadlines with and go to conferences with.

As you continue to tell stories, take photos and do all of the other things that come with journalism, remember to not only tell stories that matter, but also to cherish the time you spend together, and learn from one another.

To all my fellow Crusaders, whether you are preparing to walk the stage in May, or you still have several years ahead of you, my advice is to make the most of your time with the people around you.

In the midst of classes, work, activities and crazy schedules, don’t neglect to enjoy the ones who are doing those things with you. After all, life is about relationships.

Author: JC Jones

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