Belton music venues provide entertainment

College students like to indulge their musical sides by heading to Austin or Waco for shows. Many do not realize that when it comes to concerts and entertainment, Belton is home to some of the best-kept secrets in the county.

The college town has multiple venues perfect for catching live performances.

Junior international business major Hunter Glaske is familiar with the local music scene. As a member of the Hunter Rea Band, he has been both an audience member and featured performer.

“We go see concerts any time we can,” Glaske said. “We learn by looking at artists and try to figure out what they’re doing, how their sound is set up, stuff like that.”

One of his favorite Belton venues is Schoepf’s Barbecue. The family-operated restaurant offers a Texas Music Series during the spring and summer season.

On Thursday nights, crowds gather at Schoepf’s to dine, dance and enjoy live country music. Photo by Halley Harrell/The Bells.

On Thursday nights, crowds gather at Schoepf’s to dine, dance and enjoy live country music. Photo by Halley Harrell/The Bells.

“Every Thursday you can go to Schoepf’s and watch amazing talent,” Glaske said. “Pretty cool deal.”

Senior Christian studies major Tyler Reed enjoys Schoepf’s outdoor atmosphere and small town feel.    “They’ve got a good thing going over there. That’s my favorite thing about Belton, to be honest, is Schoepf’s concerts,” Reed said. “They bring in some big names …. It’s neat because you don’t get a lot of UMHB people out there. It’s mainly just the local Belton people. It’s a cool atmosphere.”

Another hot spot for local music is Dead Fish Grill right on the edge of Belton Lake.

“Sometimes when they play music, I go across the lake and sit on the dam,” Reed said. “The sound travels really well, so you feel like you’re right there. That’s pretty neat.”

Senior Christian studies major Laura Phipps considers concert attendance a large part of her college experience.

“I’ve been to outdoor concerts, coffee houses, you name it,” Phipps said. “I know the music department hosts different concerts, and there are people on campus who play at (campus activities).”

The university’s music department also offers shows ranging from performances at the Temple Cultural Activities Center to its C3 and Highways & Byways concert series.

The Bell County Expo Center is another big venue, bringing in acts like Lady Antebellum and Three Days Grace.

Coffee shop concerts are a college staple. A staff member at Bodega Bean said that the shop is working on obtaining a license to host live music and hopes to hold performances.

Check social media for more information on local events.

Author: Halley Harrell

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