Annual Scholars’ Day showcases research, enlightens campus

By Ashleigh Bugg

The fifth annual observance of Scholars’ Day on campus is approaching.

The day gives students the opportunity to display their research through papers, projects and artwork to the larger academic community and to receive constructive criticism, and will take place April 22.

Dr. Trent Terrell is the current chair of the Scholars’ Day planning committee.

“We’ve seen everything from robots…. to what kind of toxins are growing on public toilet seats. The diversity and quality of scholarly achievement taking place at UMHB is truly amazing,” Terrell said.

Fifty presentations have been submitted, and 100 students and 30 faculty members are expected to participate.

Senior Art major Holly Estes is eager to showcase her info-graphics based campaign on raising awareness for organ donation. She is one of four art majors presenting their senior exhibits.

“Anytime I can share my art and designs with other people, I do; art is my joy…. Everyone has something to communicate and express, so I believe the arts is a way we can all somehow connect with one another,” Estes said.”

Other topics include child advertisements and obesity, the effects of marathon training on cold symptoms, homeland security in Central Texas and spiritual abuse and its effects on spiritual health.

Junior Christian ministry major Jackie Fuller is interested in gaining useful experience by presenting her paper on Philistine religion, war and origination.

Faculty and students have been rewarded by the process of Scholars’ Day, and it has helped bring recognition to the campus.

“People are consistently surprised by how much great work is happening at UMHB. I think it’s important that we celebrate our accomplishments and encourage future research growth with events like Scholars’ Day,” Terrell said.

Associate Professor and Chair of Social Work, Sociology and Criminal Justice Dr. Isaac Gusukuma recommends that students include sections on problem and research, methodology, literature review, results, key findings, conclusions and references.

Gusukuma reminds students that simplicity is paramount, and they should plan for conciseness and readability. The Townsend Library website has suggestions for printing and designing a research poster and offers guides for topics ranging from multicultural psychology to microeconomic theory.

“Scholars’ Day provides a truly unique opportunity for our undergraduate and graduate students,” Terrell said.       “It’s exciting to organize an event that allows so much great achievement to be showcased.”

Author: The Bells Staff

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