I Still Believe: a singer’s written journey

Christian contemporary musician, Jeremy Camp, is famous for his songs “Beautiful One,” “Walk by Faith,” “Healing Hand of God,” and “Over come,” just to name a few.

Many familiar with Camp’s music do not know that he wrote a book called, I Still Believe. The title comes from his popular song by the same name.

This biography tells about Jeremy’s childhood, his college days, his love for his first wife, Melissa, and the tragedy that occurred after their marriage.

Ultimately, though, the story is described in the foreword  by best-selling author Karen Kingsbury in the foreword, “We have choices when life hits us with a tsunami of tragedy or despair, crisis or loss. That’s the message of Camp’s book, and it’s the reason you will find hope and healing by journeying through the pages of his story, his personal      tsunami.”

Camp grew up in Indiana and didn’t have an easy life as a boy and a teenager. He married his college sweetheart, Melissa, on Oct. 21, 2000.   She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and died Feb. 5, 2001.

Some of Camp’s earlier songs reflect the pain and confusion he was going through after Melissa’s death.

The first song he wrote after her death was, “I Still Believe.” Camp wrote “Walk by Faith” while he and Melissa were on their honeymoon.

God has brought a sense of peace back into Camp’s life.     He is now married to Adrienne and has two daughters, Isabella and Arianne.

Camp is open about what he went through.

Readers are grateful his testimony is now available to be read in book form. If you or someone you know has ever been through a personal tragedy, this is definitely a good book choice.

Camp experienced God’s grace in an amazing way. His personal story gives us a glimpse at what we desire in our lives — God’s surpassing comfort for all.

Author: Elissa Thompson

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