First Year Council brings fairy tales to life

By Alannah Domangue

Loud music, flashy lights and jiving UMHB friends is not an every Saturday night thrill students get to experience. As the semester’s end approaches, First Year Council always hosts a night to remember—Spring Formal.

“This (was) just one night that (was) absolutely amazing,” sophomore education major and FYC leader Erin Prica said.

A valet service by seniors was but one facet that left a favorable impression on many guests.  This surprise was new to the formal.

Beats started bopping at 7 p.m., but everyone made a slow entrance out to the dance floor. The Saturday night swing kicked off a little differently this year.

Participants of Cru Knights made an appearance in order to get the night rolling.

Students dance during the annual Spring Formal at Tenroc Ranch in Salado. The theme was Once Upon A Formal and was held March 2. Senior history major Jake Hans stepped in as the disc jockey for the night with the stage name DJ Lil’ Buddy. Photo by Alannah Domangue/ The Bells.

“The Cru Knights guys actually did a dance before the DJ started playing to get everybody on the dance floor,” senior accounting major Braden Buchanan said.

Students thought the small flash mob that initiated dance time was a smooth transition into the night. After the men ended their routine, the disc jockey, senior history major Jake Hans, stage name DJ Lil’ Buddy, continued to play music as students made their way onto the dance floor.

Buchanan and his girlfriend, sophomore education major Kayla Upshaw, frequent dance halls, so the night offered a different atmosphere from their typical Wild West Thursdays.

Upshaw described the night as energetic and, like most students at the event, said the music selection was great. Now, DJ Lil’ Buddy has a new fan group.

Similar to most girls with a keen eye for the ambiance, Upshaw was impressed with the evening’s decor.

“I loved the color scheme, and all the decorations were really pretty,” she said.

Everything from the food to the photo booth seemed to please the students.

To make the one event fall perfectly into place, FYC members and leaders had to work diligently.

A month of preparation for the group commenced after the Christmas break. The leaders wanted to solidify the location, and they simply opened the floor for students of FYC to select a theme and plan the fine details.

“Ultimately (as leaders) we are there to say yes or no,” Prica said. “Other than that, they just take off with it, and we are there to keep them on track.”

She was impressed with the group’s efforts this year and “blown away” by the results.

FYC leaders sent the members on a mission to get creative, with a little aid from the social media site Pinterest. Yes, even the guys browsed the female favorite site in search of designs.

Four weeks of planning and seven hours of set-up produced a noteworthy and memorable night for the university students.

Prica said that FYC’s goal was  to make the students “feel welcomed and have a great time.”

Author: The Bells Staff

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