Campus elects new leader

After weeks of campaigning, candidates, as well as the student population, learned the results of the student body president election last Thursday. The winner, senior chemistry and Spanish major Collin Davies looks forward to the futures of both the Student Government Association and the campus as a whole.

Davies grew up as a homeschool student in Pasadena, Texas, southeast of Houston. Upon graduating from high school, he followed in his older brother and sister’s footsteps and joined the Crusader family.

A variety of aspects attracted him to UMHB.

Junior Collin Davies addresses students at the debate Feb. 27. Davies was elected SBP for the 2013-2014 school year. Photo by Antonio Hebert/The Bells.

“I loved visiting, I loved the people …. When it came down to deciding on a college … I chose it for these three reasons: the people, the fact that I could play tennis and the degree,” Davies said.

Davies has embraced campus life and has taken advantage of what it has to offer. He has held leadership positions in a number of organizations and activities that include Stunt Night, Welcome Week, Homecoming, Revival and SGA.

Sports have been an important part of his life and have led to some of his favorite experiences with friends during his college career.

Davies said his fondest memories made with his tennis team have been of, “practicing alongside people and stating goals at the end of the season and working toward those goals.”

As he became more involved on campus, his brother informed him of a sophomore senate position.

Davies found out about his victory as SBP through a phone call while standing next to the Mabee Student Center. Current president senior business major Kassidy Harris called to notify him of his victory, but Davies did not pick up initially. Seeing it was Harris, Davies immediately returned the call.

At a basketball playoff game against Concordia University (Texas) March 9, Davies cheers on the Cru alongside his fellow students. Photo by Jake Stamps/The Bells.

“I was excited. I definitely sort of, real quickly flashed over the next year and what that sort of holds,” he said.

Although he is thrilled at the opportunity, Davies says he will do his best to remain humble in the position he has been given.

“At the moment, I have a lot to learn to be student body president, but I’m also trusting, I’m very sure of Kassidy’s ability to impart (to) me the knowledge I need,” Davies said.

Harris believes Davies is of strong character, and a good choice to lead SGA.

“I see a lot of qualities in Collin that will make him a great SBP. First, he is a godly man that loves people and is willing to serve the student body. Also, he is very relational and truly wants to get to know people which is very crucial in this position. He also has great work ethic and will be able to lead the executive cabinet and senate,” he said.

Collin Davies serves a tennis ball in the Cru Challenge Tournament against Howard Payne University Feb. 8. Photo by Jake Stamps/The Bells.

Harris has faith that Davies will be able to carry on the role Harris has filled for two years.

“I am more than confident in his ability to pick up where I am leaving off,” he said. “I have no doubt that he will take on being SBP and continue to grow SGA and make it the best that he can.”

Ashley Settles, a junior Spanish major is a close friend of Davies. They were in the same Welcome Week family group their freshman year and have remained close ever since. She believes his moral character will serve him well.

She said, “Collin has one of the kindest hearts of anyone I have ever met. He is genuine and loves people well. I am so thankful to know him, and I think that UMHB has been and will continue to be tremendously blessed by his leadership.”

Settles also belives Davies’ loyalty will benefit the university.

“When he commits himself to something, he is very dedicated and follows through. I think UMHB will greatly benefit from having Collin as Student Body President because he strives constantly to portray Jesus,” she said.

As Davies gears up for his coming presidency, he tries to keep his goal in mind.

He said, “I’m rather relational … so my platform (will) hinge off of my connectedness. I think success in being student body president is not found in my ability to accomplish things as an individual, but rather my ability to give the power to the student body….”

Author: Antonio Hebert

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