CAB hooks with movie weekend

With gold coin chocolates, a chest full of treasure and scurvy scallywags gathered for a two-night movie adventure, the Campus Activities Board’s latest event proved a success.

CAB’s pirate event docked in Shelton Theatre last Friday and Saturday. With the room completely decked in spooky style, the decor provided the atmosphere for viewing all four installments of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Sophomore chemistry major Marie Stephenson explained that CAB got the idea from Howard Payne University then transformed it into a campus-wide, weekend event.

“We had to buy rights to show the movie to the audience. We also had to book a venue, go shopping for all the decorations and snacks, as well as advertise,” she said. “Most of the planning was done by the committee for this event, but for advertisement we heavily relied on our ‘cabbers’ to get the word out through word of mouth, social media and chalking.”

Sophomore nursing major Nathan Forrester helped plan the event and found inspiration from Treasure Island and its protagonist, Jim Hawkins. He joked about the planning process.

Sophomore Marie Stephenson gives freshman Maegan Loya a fake pirate tattoo at the CAB event. Photo by Katelyn Holm/The Bells.

“The idea came from the growing love of pirates on campus. We prepared by talking like pirates for a full week before in order to better understand the unique pirate culture,” he said.

Guests received their very own pirate nickname and temporary tattoos before boarding the ship to the Caribbean.  When students walked through the doors of Shelton, they were greeted by a fog machine, theme music and the smell of buttery popcorn before being seated for the feature presentation.

The first two films in the series showed on Friday, while the last two concluded Saturday evening. Because of the timing, the hosts were unsure of how the turnout would be. Stephenson, Forrester and their fellow cabbers were pleased by the outcome.

“The turnout was great, especially for a weekend event. There are a few modifications we’ll make if we decide to do another one of these movie nights in the future, but it went great for our first venture into movie nights on campus,” she said.

Junior Jess Hoermann grabs some popcorn before the next movie starts. Photo by Katelyn Holm/The Bells.

Sophomores Nathan Gilmore and Dawson Harmon and freshman Collin Cavendish decided to bring their own raft to the showing.

“Collin and I were in the SUB really late laughing that CAB asked people BYOC, bring your own couch. We thought that was a really funny idea and then Collin said. ‘how bout we go bigger and try to get a sail boat,’” Gilmore said. “We couldn’t find a free sailboat, and Dawson had a raft.”

The men decided to decorate the boat by adding an inner tube they found, then topped off the contraption with a flag.

Gilmore said, “I would go to a similar event in the future…. It was really unique and put on very well. I love when students embrace events like this because when people go all out, it makes the events way more fun.”

Author: Katelyn Holm

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