American church falls to idols of the world

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With statements like, “America was founded on Christian principles” or “We are a shining city on a hill,” some politicians and pastors seem to believe that God was one of the original signers of the Constitution.

The majority of Americans believe that America was founded as a Christian nation—according to a survey by the First Amendment Center, 65 percent of the population believe this.

Many pastors preach about how America is in decline because it has turned from the Christian heritage once valued by the people.

Republican politicians often run with promises to steer America back toward God.

In 2003, a select group of a few hundred families looked at America and did not like what they saw and did something about it.

They created Christian Exodus, whose core belief is that America has left its Christian roots and become a land of moral decay.

The group believes the solution is for Christians to break away from the land of the free and home of the decayed.

An excerpt from the organization’s website explains how the initial goal was to move thousands of Christian constitutionalists to South Carolina to accelerate the return to self-government based upon Christian principles at the local and state level. The project continues to this day, with the ultimate goal of forming an independent Christian nation that will survive after the decline and fall of the financially and morally bankrupt American empire.

The average person most likely considers the idea of South Carolina breaking off and forming an independent Christian nation absurd, but the sentiment that America is shedding its Christian values and becoming a land of decadence is common.

Facing the depravity of man is something every Christian experiences.

Expecting society to be anything but sinful is naïve, and believing that past society was less sinful is foolish.

The belief that America was once a shining land of saints is polluting the church.

Many Christians idolize the supposed traditional American values of the past.

The only traditional values a Christian should turn to are those preached by Jesus and practiced by the early church (see the first five books of the New Testament).

The truth is most of the founders of our nation, those who drafted the Constitution and held public office, were not professing evangelical Christians. Many of them were deists and quite secular in nature.

The notion that America was founded to espouse Christian values is folly. Biblical concepts and themes can be found in the Constitution, but the same can be said for almost all Western literature and law.

Our Constitution begins “We the People,” and the name God is mentioned once in the entire document at the very end, and it is not his signature, but instead a nonreligious reference in the date represented by the words, “In the Year of our Lord.”

The First Amendment states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

It does not get any clearer than this statement to see that this nation was not founded to lead the world into a golden age of Christianity or promote any kind of religious agenda.

Author: Ethan Mitra

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