New Girl means new drama

After a literally show-stopping kiss, season two of New Girl has found its awkward niche that viewers can’t get enough of.

Zooey Dechannel and Jake Johnson’s characters, Jess and Nick, finally lock lips after more than a season of tension. While everyone else notes the chemistry between these two, the characters themselves continue denying it. For now, the clumsiness must continue.

We move on to the latest episode, “Parking Spot.”

Welcome to the decision, where four roommates vie for one of the newest additions to the apartment: a freshly painted parking spot. All the characters believe they deserve the coveted position and must prove to the others why the slot should belong to them.

New Girl star Zooey Dechannel makes her appearance on the red carpet at this year’s annual Golden Globe Awards. MCT Campus.

Though Schmidt does, indeed, pay for the “wiffy,” Nick’s term for the wireless Internet, Winston believes he too has worthy qualifications. But with a vague twist that no one really understands, Nick must choose between Schmidt and Jess. Awkward.

Given that he just smooched his lady friend, Nick’s rare soft side yields to Jess.

“You can’t escape destiny. She comes for us all. That’s right. Destiny is a lady,” Jess says.

Obviously, this causes even more chaos in the already confusing household.

“Let the decider decide. I am not the suggester. I am not having fun with this game,” Nick says before he relinquishes his power of choice.

Meanwhile, Jess barely escapes an elderly man in a station wagon, Nick positions himself in a lawn chair to save the parking space and Schmidt runs him over, naturally.

The three end up camping out in the parking garage, where conversation returns to that kiss. Oh, that kiss.

Jess admits that life in the house feels different when she says, “I thought we could go back to the way things were, but we can’t.”

Insensitive and rueful as always, Nick ruins the honest moment, saying, “That kiss was the dumbest mistake I’ve ever made…dumber than law school…dumber than when I thought his name was Brack Obama.”

With her feelings hurt, Jess storms out and decides that fish sticks are the answer to life’s problems .

Wait, what? What on earth is going on? No one is really sure.

Back to the roommate drama. Schmidt, in all his logical glory, insists that Nick has breached rules of the apartment, and the only way to make things right is for Schmidt to commit the same crime as Nick.

Problem solved? Not quite.

Next week promises more uncomfortable situations and unfortunate catastrophes that make New Girl the most simplistic and creative comedy on television.

Author: Katelyn Holm

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