Logo revealed: Student body approves

By Leif Johnston

Mayborn Campus Center hosted an event, Feb. 14 that brought a change to Crusader athletics. The new logo was officially revealed at a news conference in the lobby of MCC before the basketball games against conference opponent Howard Payne University.

The “oohs” and “aahs” that were heard as the logo was revealed were an immediate sign that Bill Woodward of Woodward Creative Design had created a logo that was going to be welcomed at the university.

Instead of the side view that was represented in the old logo, the new one sports a Crusader with a closed helmet looking straight ahead.

Not only did the Crusader change but also the words “The Cru.” The new looks freshened up many of the sports attire, and these were shown at the press conference. A number of student athletes showed off their program’s updated uniforms.

Athletic Director Randy Mann, right, and senior Vice President for Administration Dr. Steve Theodore uncover the athletic department’s new logo at a news conference Feb. 14. Photo by Jake Stamps/The Bells.

“I like the new look, and I think the student body as a whole does too. It’s always good to be a part of something new and different,” junior exercise and sport science major Brian Gallagher said.

The logo is quite a bit different from the previous one. It was designed to give people and students the idea that the university is making great strides in all areas, as well as holding on to the traditions that are set in place.

“We told him we wanted the Crusader to reflect the dedication and commitment of our student athletes, who devote many hours to prepare themselves to compete,” Athletic Director Randy Mann said.

“I am excited about the change. It is a new era for UMHB football with the new logo and the new stadium—the tradition and the guys that played here before us and put our program on the map,” Gallagher said.

All of the hype for the release wasn’t a letdown. The student body came out to be a part of the coming out party.

“I would have to say that the overall feel of the student body was positive. The hype that was created around the release seemed to capture the curiosity of the students, and it was evident that they were intrigued,” athletic events Manager Doak Fleming said.

Free T-shirts with the much anticipated Crusader on them  drew many more students to the basketball games.

It also gave them a chance to immediately see changes to the area as far as signs in Mayborn go. Four new signs were placed at the corners of the gym.

“I feel that the coming out party we had for the logo was a great success. To see students and even adults trying to sneak back to get more than one T-shirt really shows that the logo lived up to the hype. The logo will be the face of all sports,” Fleming said.

Bill Woodward had many different aspects that he had to reach in order to convey the message that was eventually accomplished.

Mann said, “We also told him we wanted an image that was strong and bold, that would remind our opponents that UMHB is a force to be reckoned with on the playing field.”

Author: The Bells Staff

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