Fun in sun at Lake Belton

By Haley Higbee

It’s 70 degrees outside, and students are loading their cars with beach towels and inner tubes. They are heading to one of the hot spots around Belton, Lake Belton, for some fun in the sun.

The lake has been one of the biggest spots for UMHB students for almost 60 years.

Students, like sophomore education major Kristen Cain, enjoy going to the lake for various activities at the many different parks on its shore.

“My friends and I like to go tanning at the parks at the lake. When it’s like 75 degrees outside, it’s a perfect place to hang out and get a tan,” she said.

Cain also said it’s nice to have a place off campus where she can go to relax outdoors.

A group of students enjoy a day at Lake Belton. At the dam, people can engage in many different activities including tanning, bonfires, wakeboarding and, of course, swimming. Photo by Katelyn Holm/The Bells.

Many students are there catching some sun when the weather is just right. One of freshman finance major James Ewing’s  favorite things about Belton is that he and his friends have the opportunity to go out at night and just hang out around the fire.

“We all got together after Stunt Night this past semester and had a huge bonfire. We went to a random park that already had the bonfire pit set up. All we had to do was set up the wood and start the fire. There ended up being a ton of people that came out and it was a lot of fun,” he said.

Ewing also said that the bonfires have been some of his favorite times so far in his freshman year.

Senior pre-physical therapy major Tyler Carpenter enjoys being out on the water. He has a friend who lends his boat to him and his friends for special occasions.

“It’s always a lot of fun to get the wakeboard out and try and do a few tricks out there,” he said.

He continues to explain the significance of the lake and the activities surrounding it.

“When you can get a few people out on a boat in the beginning of the fall semester or end of the spring semester, it’s a perfect way to begin or end the year,” he said.

Some students also like to get the tubes or water skis out and use them behind boats. The lake can be a fun place for those who use                                         it responsibly.

Visitors can enjoy multiple parks, including Live Oak Ridge Park, Cedar Ridge Park, Winkler Park, White Flint Park and Westcliffe Park.

At these locations, students can go running, hiking, rock climbing and much more.

Sophomore marketing major Kyle White and his friends like to take advantage of what the parks have to offer. Most of their time is spent finding fun activities to participate in.

“We really enjoy rock climbing at Rogers Park. And we pretty much go to the lake year round since the weather is never too cold. Sometimes we also swim, play volleyball, make camp fires or even study,” he said.

Cain enjoys being able to spend time in a place where one can see the beauty of God’s creation.

She said, “We are so blessed that our university is in a town that has such a beautiful place to hang out at.”

Author: The Bells Staff

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