Creativity inspires original team names

Whether it is intramural flag football, volleyball, basketball or a campus recreation dodge ball tournament, there are sure to be some teams with out-of-the-box names.

Basketball is the intramural sport taking place now, and team names range from the Chinchillas, to the White Mambas, to No Game This Week, to the Post-Docs.

To eliminate inappropriate names and  maintain clean fun, all team names are now reviewed before being confirmed into the league through

“We’ve had to take a stricter line on what’s an allowable team name and what’s not,” Director of Campus Recreation Sue Weaver said. “Anything that has negative undertones… we try to keep away from those.”

However, that has not kept students from coming up with creative names. Weaver said that most students “just want a fun, interesting name that will make them stand out.”

Junior exercise and sport science major Justin Judkins, right, takes a three pointer for his team the White Mambas in an intramural 3-on-3 game. The Mambas finished with a victory. Photo by Seth Stephens/The Bells.

Each name has a story behind it that in some way reflects the team itself. For example, junior nursing major Taylor Frank tells the story behind the name of her intramural team.

“It started when we got a group of friends together to play soccer last semester, and we were down to the deadline to make up a name and get it all together,” she said. “My boyfriend, Chase Covington, wrote the first thing that popped into his head. Everyone ended up loving it, and decided that now every intramural team we have, we’ll be the fighting Chinchillas.”

The Chinchillas show the fun side of the often competitive intramural sports scene.

“The name is important because it represents what we’re all about, just having fun,” Frank said. “I think it’s one of the least intimidating names you can get, but it amuses us and gets us excited. It also adds to the team spirit.”

Another team, that consists of four members of the men’s golf team, named its basketball team the White Mambas. This was a nickname for former NBA player Brian Scalabrine that jokingly compared him to Kobe Bryant. Junior exercise and sport science major Justin Judkins said their name is a tribute to Scalabrine.

However, students are not the only ones getting creative. A group of professors have their own original team name with specific meaning.

“We picked our name based on a play of words,” exercise  and sport science instructor Dr. Jason Reese said. “There are two meanings here: The first meaning… is that everyone on our team has their doctorate in something. So our name came from this fact, plus the basketball terminology to ‘post-up’. Hence the name Post-Doc.”

Weaver encourages students to create an account so that they can know about upcoming events.

“We need to keep telling people about the That’s a really good way to get into the system so that they’re kept informed about what’s going on,” she said.

The co-rec softball league is now open for team entries, and the season is set to begin March 26.

“It’s really great for them to get out, exercise a little bit, play and just have fun,” Weaver said. “All week long (they’re) working so hard with school and that kind of thing, that it’s fun to just burn off some steam and have recess.”

Author: Seth Stephens

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