Concert to help campus family adopt

By Sarah Norrell

The stage is set: three chairs sit in the corner by the door, two holding guitars and one holding an amp connected to speakers. Two microphone stands guard the chairs like soldiers.

The chairs are filled, and the floor is packed with people as the smell of coffee fills the air. The sounds of coffee beans being ground, people laughing and games of pool mix through the building as the atmosphere of excitement swells.

Students, faculty, and community members gathered at Arusha Coffee in downtown Belton Friday night to enjoy music by up-and-coming singer Sarah Hurst. The concert, put on by pro-life organization Cru for Life, was to raise money to aid Gettys Resident Director Phillip Jones and his wife Jenny in adopting a baby from China.

As a new event put on by Cru for Life, the concert has been months in the making.

Junior nursing major Caroline Rice (left) and senior nursing Stephanie Taylor (right) introduce singer Sarah Hurst and her partner to the stage. Photo by Sarah Norrell/The Bells.

“We had the idea to have this event last semester, and we have a best friend who happens to be an awesome singer/songwriter who agreed to do it,” Cru for Life secretary and junior nursing major Carolyn Rice said. “It just sort of all came together; people used their different gifts and talents to really contribute.”

Phillip and Jenny Jones have never experienced something like the concert, and were excited by the turnout.

“This is the first time anything like this has ever happened to us, and we’re just blown away,” Phillip Jones said. “God is teaching us a lot out of this; He’s teaching us to receive well.…The fact that someone wanted to put on this concert is impacting and ministering to us in ways we can’t even explain.”

During the event, attendees were able to buy prize tickets to help fund the Joneses adoption plan. Photo by Sarah Norrell/The Bells.

Cru for Life president and senior nursing major Stephanie Taylor hopes the concert will bring about more opportunities for the organization to show their support of adoption while representing Christ and UMHB.

“This opportunity was kind of an open door for Cru for Life, and we hope it sets off a domino effect for other people that are maybe looking to adopt or just to fundraise because that’s what the body of Christ does. Cru for Life is really excited.”

Rice and Taylor met the Joneses at First Baptist Church Belton, and have been interested in their adoption process since it was first mentioned.

“They talked about adoption for a long time, and then they actually started the process several months ago,” Rice said. “So just getting to be around them, hear their story, and just listen to the adoption process, we yearn to do something to help.”

A friend of Rice and Taylor, singer/songwriter Sarah Hurst was happy to perform for a cause she believes in.

Cru For Life sold sugar cookies, T-shirts, and other items to help raise money for the Joneses. Photo by Sarah Norrell/The Bells.

“I actually wrote a song for them that I’m going to play tonight that’s about orphans,” Hurst said. “So this is the perfect night for me because I get to play and be an advocate for orphans, which are my passions. I would say that my work with them has been a huge impact on my music and everything, so I’m very excited to get to do something like this.”

A student at Dallas Baptist University, Hurst will graduate in August and then plans on promoting her music.

“I have an album coming out: Fine to Wait. I’ve been recording it for over a year now. I’m hoping that it will be on iTunes in May,” she said.

Cru for Life sold cookies, T-shirts, hair pieces and prize tickets in order to raise money.

Rice explains the tickets  sold for $5 each, and were made up of gift cards with a worth of $370.

“All the gift cards were donated, so all of the proceeds will go to the Joneses,” she said.

Cru for Life members believe the concert will help the couple.

Rice said, “It is for the glory of God. As the body of Christ, we are to lift our brothers and sisters up so they can get a child, and we are praying that this will help in some way.”

Author: The Bells Staff

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