Clubs partner to spread ‘amor’

By Ashleigh Bugg

Valentine’s Day can be a beautiful experience for happy couples and Hallmark stores but can leave others with a bitter taste in their mouths that has nothing to do with dark chocolate.

Students from the Campus Activities Board wanted to make the holiday a positive event for students, regardless of their relationship status. CAB members passed out buttons with a simple message: “You are loved.”

“Not everyone has another person to be with or can be with the person they love today,” junior education major and CAB member Jess Hoerman said.  “We want everyone to feel loved.”

The idea is based on the group You Are Loved, an organization dedicated to sharing the story of Jesus Christ through buttons. The purpose of the pins is simple: to remind others that they are valued and get them to think about why.

The organization was founded in 2006 by Dave Navarra, a high school senior at the time. 55,000 pins have been produced and distributed throughout the world. The mission is to spread as much love as possible to people from all walks of life.

The website promises three free pins to everyone who sends an envelope with their mailing address. Navarra makes the point on his website that the pins themselves are not there to “love” anyone but to remind Christians to follow Christ’s commands and start conversations.

“I didn’t celebrate Valentine’s with anyone this year. It really made me smile to know that CAB cared,” sophomore psychology student Amy Valenta said.

“We want everyone on campus to know this is all inclusive and that they are loved,” Hoerman said.

CAB wasn’t the only organization to play cupid this year. The Spanish Club sold chocolates with Spanish verses to raise money for their upcoming trip to the Riverwalk and  the Alamo.

“Each chocolate has a message in English and Spanish. It’s folded kind of like a fortune cookie,” junior nursing student Rachel Love said.

Students bought chocolate with the usual Valentine’s greetings such as “I love you” and “You’re beautiful.” However, some cards had more unusual sayings.

Sophomore nursing student Sarah Patty picked a verse that said, “Mariposo de sueno, te pareces a mi alma,” or “Dream butterfly, you look like my soul.”

She said, “Forget valentines, I’m buying this one for my roommate.”

Spanish club members were eager to show that Valentine’s Day is more than a holiday for love-struck couples. In various Latin American countries, including Costa Rica and Colombia, the holiday is not only for couples. It is known as Día del Amor y la Amistad translated the Day of Love and Friendship.

Floral arrangements and other small gifts are given to friends and family members to show affection and appreciation. The holiday is full of festivities for platonic as well as romantic relationships.

“In Mexico, Valentine’s Day is a celebration,” junior nursing student Desaree Davis said.  “It is not only for couples but for everyone.”

Author: The Bells Staff

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