Career Services offers guidance in job search

By Ashleigh Bugg

For many students, finding a job that corresponds with classes and extracurricular activities can be a challenge.  Juggling tests, notes and homework while dealing with a looming pile of loans can leave even the brightest student panicked.

Students want to have the coveted “college experience” and make lasting memories. That doesn’t leave much time to plan a profession.  This is where Career Services comes in.

“Our main charge is to assist students in career planning, which we believe is a four-year process, not something you do a week before you graduate,” Director Don Owens said.

Students and alumni are welcome to walk into the office on the second floor of Mabee and receive career counseling. Owens helps prepare students for interviews, internships and assessments that help them decide what they really want to do.

Director of Career Services Don Owens helps freshman Tucker Saxon with his future career options. Photo by Ashleigh Bugg/The Bells.

Owens said, “I’ve noticed two things about college students. First, they don’t give themselves enough credit for the neat things they’ve done. Second, they don’t know what all’s out there. They kind of know what they want to do, but they haven’t been exposed.”

The goal is to get students where they want to be in their careers by preparing them ahead of time.

One resource that Career Services offers is Cru Connection, a website that links students to helpful resources and future employers. It even features local job listings.

From appeals for nannies and teaching aides to photographers and worship leaders, the job search under Cru Connection has a large array of paid positions.  One woman even requested a “buddy” to mentor her son with special needs.

Junior business major Joanna Leath was thrilled when she snagged a babysitting gig.

“I went to Career Services, and they told me about Cru Connection. They called a couple jobs for me until we found one that worked,” she said.

Students are able to set up an account by signing in with their Sadermail address and ID number. They can also walk in or make an appointment at the office and receive help finding jobs.

For freshman education major Dana Williams, the teaching aide job she found on Cru Connection is not just a paycheck but a way to serve the community.

“I think this job will prepare anyone no matter what you’re trying to be.  It takes away the selfishness when you see these kids really need help. Right now, they’re desperately seeking workers,” she said.

Temple ACE runs an after-school program for high school students that is understaffed but pays well at $10 per hour.

Staff members are in charge of tutoring students and leading enrichment activities like cooking or basketball.

“These kids really just need relationships. I needed a job and it’s good experience,” Williams said.

Owens recounts some of the successful job search  stories. He said a former Crusader was able to work as a summer intern on Mitt Romney’s campaign.

He also talked about a current student who has landed an internship in Los Angeles.

“We talk about your aspirations, work on the assessment, help you style a professional resume,” he said. “A good resume is like blood pressure. It should be checked regularly.”

Owens also helps students practice making introductions and encourages them to attend job fairs.

Career Services was created to assist students and help them take their next step. Interested students can register for free.

Owens said, “We are open to any student, any major. We’re here to serve.”

Author: The Bells Staff

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